Reaching Our Secular Culture in America with the Gospel

by Ken Ham

It’s growing increasingly difficult to share the gospel in this now very secular culture in America. Why is this? After all, America has more churches, Christian TV stations and radio programs, and more Christian ministries than any other country in the world. Shouldn’t it be easy to share the gospel?

Christian Values

Well, there’s been a fundamental shift in worldview here in America (really in the West as a whole). Instead of basing our thinking on God’s Word, our culture has shifted so that man and his word are now the ultimate authority. Man—not God and His Word—decides truth. So how do we reach this post-Christian culture? By starting at the beginning!

God’s Word gives us the solution for reaching our pagan society. Popular Answers in Genesis speaker Bryan Osborne explains how to reach out to this culture in his new DVD, The Genesis of the Gospel. This DVD will equip you to start with Genesis—the foundation—to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to order this DVD for your home or church library. It’s an excellent resource to help you reach out to family, friends, and neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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