Ancient Non-Stick Frying Pans

by Ken Ham

With the construction quickly progressing at the Ark Encounter site in Northern Kentucky, I frequently get asked how Noah could’ve built the Ark without all our modern equipment. I always point out that our culture often, consciously or unconsciously, has an evolutionary view of mankind. We think of our ancestors as more primitive or less intelligent than us. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Ancient Technology

The truth is that we don’t know what kind of technologies Noah had—details are not given in the Bible. But we do know that all people are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), and man was intelligent, resourceful, creative, and innovative from the beginning. We also know people were already working with metals such as bronze and iron and were playing musical instruments (Genesis 4:21–22) long before Noah was born. People were also living over 900 years—imagine what geniuses like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, or Thomas Edison could’ve accomplished if they’d lived that long! By the time of Noah, they may have had technology we would envy today.

And we find evidence that this might be the case. In the generations after the Flood, Noah’s descendants built pyramids in Egypt and ziggurats in South America that engineers have been trying to explain for years. Since much of their technology disappeared with these civilizations, we still don’t know how they accomplished these architectural feats. But we’re continually getting glimpses of the genius of ancient man.

A recent discovery made in Italy sheds more light on the intelligence of our ancestors. If you cook, you probably know the frustration of everything sticking to your frying pan. Well, people 2,000 years ago did too! So they invented non-stick frying pans. Found in a garbage dump near Naples, the high-quality pottery pans featured a “red-slip coating” to keep food from sticking.

Our ancestors, descendants of Adam and Eve and made in God’s image just like us, were every bit as intelligent as we are (probably even more so). They ran into problems and came up with innovative solutions to solve these problems, just like we do. There’s no reason to assume that they couldn’t do amazing things like build an Ark for the saving of mankind.

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