Answers Magazine Preview: Vol. 11 No. 2

by Ken Ham

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Answers Magazine

This issue will help you better understand the immense geologic activity of the Flood of Noah’s day as you learn about supersized landslides. You will also see the hand of the Designer in armadillos and spider webs. You’ll even visit Ireland to answer an objection to the biblical chronology of mankind’s history at the famous megalith, Newgrange. And in the cover article you’ll see some surprising facts that will help you find common ground when talking to an evolutionist.

Here’s just a sampling of the other timely topics covered in this new issue:

  • The End of Global Warming?
    A century ago, scientists feared global cooling. Now they fear global warming. What do the numbers really show us?

  • Misunderstood Messengers from Space
    Meteorites, dated with evolutionary presuppositions at over 4.5 billion years, are considered leftovers from the solar system’s early creation. They have an amazing story to tell, but it has been misunderstood.

  • A Purpose Better Than Feminism
    Emotions run high whenever Christians talk about feminism and the role of women. Given the long history of conflict, it’s no wonder we run to extremes. But there’s a third option.

  • The Power of Biblical Chronology
    Chronological teaching is a proven way to help solve today’s chronic biblical illiteracy. Learn how it works and why it’s so effective.

And, of course, there’s also an eight-page, pullout mini-magazine that your kids are sure to love. This quarter, Kids Answers features amazing sea creatures like cuttlefish, anglerfish, and nudibranchs. Kids will learn how these amazing animals point to the wisdom and creativity of the God who made them.

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