The Ark and Massive Media Coverage

by Ken Ham on March 29, 2016

Many of our US supporters have already seen our 30-second TV spot promoting our future Ark Encounter. The commercial has been airing on such major networks as NBC TV and the Fox News Channel. We also have a 15-second version and 60-second version, but here is the 30-second commercial if you haven’t seen it yet:

On July 7, we are opening our life-size Noah’s Ark south of Cincinnati, containing scores of exhibit bays. As AiG builds what some people are calling a “new wonder of the modern world,” we are aware that it’s one thing to construct the biggest timber-frame structure in the world, but it’s another thing to ensure that people will visit. That’s why we have already started our marketing campaign to motivate as many people as possible to visit the Ark.

Of course, we are not just using paid media to get the word out. Many international and national newspapers have been printing lengthy articles about the Ark’s construction progress. In just the past three days, significant articles have appeared in:

  • The Toronto Star (the so-called New York Times of Canada), with a front-page feature on Saturday.
  • On Sunday, the Boston Globe published a very long piece as the lead article in the opinion and analysis section.
  • On Monday, the Danish newspaper BT had two prominent articles about the Ark and AiG, with some good photos.

Yesterday, I was interviewed extensively at the Ark for a major feature that will appear in a regional magazine. Here are some photographs I took of the Ark while I was there. It’s amazing to see how quickly construction is coming along.

Imagine how many more newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. will be covering the Ark as it nears completion! Already, we have been seeing incredible interest among the world’s media. Of course, we are trying to do everything possible to ensure that everyone in America knows about the evangelistic Ark, and we are also hoping that tens of thousands of people will be visiting from Canada and overseas.

Continue to be on the look out for our paid advertising in many different media outlets, including on a very prominent national radio program and on a well-watched TV program on ABC.

I rejoice in all these opportunities to let people know about this huge project that will present biblical truths—the gospel most of all—to up to 2 million visitors a year.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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