Addicted to My Blog? Blame Evolution!

by Ken Ham on March 22, 2016

So that title above is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s inspired by a recent article about research from an award-winning psychologist regarding social media addiction. Apparently if you can’t turn off Facebook or stop looking at your Twitter feed, it’s okay—just blame evolution!


According to this researcher, as humans supposedly evolved, we lost the need for bigger brains dedicated to out-smarting others. Instead, goes the story, we developed smaller brains wired to be social and to gossip. Since social media provides the perfect outlet for gossip, it comes as no surprise to this researcher that many people “have a compulsion to engage with lots of people via social media” because “our brains have evolved for us to be social animals.”

It seems that evolution takes the credit, or the blame, for everything these days. Behaviors and choices—from social media addiction to promiscuity to gang violence to adultery—are routinely blamed on something in our alleged evolutionary past. Of course, this is just a way to get around the biblical truth that we are all sinners with a nature that desires sin.

The real reason for sinful behaviors such as gossip, promiscuity, or violence isn’t evolution. The true reason is that all of humanity, dating all the way back to Adam, is in rebellion against the Creator (Romans 1:18–23). And the only solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus paid our penalty of death by dying on the Cross and He rose again, defeating death. He now offers new and eternal life to all who will believe (John 3:15; 2 Corinthians 5:17). Jesus is the solution to sinful choices—blaming them on evolution is not!

And we aren’t social creatures because of evolution. We were made in the image of God and designed to be in relationship with others (Genesis 2:18). So godly relationships, and pursuing those relationships, is a good and healthy thing. But we must be careful that those relationships don’t take God’s proper place as first in our lives and that they don’t become avenues for gossip.

As with anything, it comes down to a question of worldview. Evolutionists start from the perspective of millions of years of natural processes. So everything must have some kind of naturalistic explanation. But when we start with the true history of the universe, found in God’s Word, we get an entirely different picture of the past. And we can trust what God’s Word tells us because it was written by the One who was there and who never lies (Titus 1:2).

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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