Where Do Dinosaurs Reside in Winter?

by Ken Ham on March 13, 2016

Buddy Davis is AiG’s popular singer, songwriter, and workshop leader. Buddy is also well known for his dinosaur sculptures that I first saw in 1994. At that time, I wanted to fulfill the vision I had, dating back to the ’70s in Australia, when I first had the burden to build a Creation Museum to teach families the truth about creation, Genesis, dinosaurs, fossils, and so on.

When I met Buddy and his wife, Kay, at a seminar in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, I found they had a burden to see Buddy’s spectacular dinosaur sculptures used for the Lord. When I realized these dinosaurs could be an integral part of the Creation Museum, we teamed up at that time.

Today, Buddy Davis' Dino Den is a very popular exhibit at the Creation Museum.

Buddy Davis’ Dino Den Buddy Davis’ Dino Den

Well, even with his schedule of traveling to churches and conferences, and conducting concerts and workshops at the Creation Museum (see Creation Museum calendar for when Buddy is at the Creation Museum), Buddy is still sculpting dinosaurs for Answers in Genesis.

This past winter, because it was too cold to be sculpting dinosaurs in his Central Ohio workshop, Kay allowed Buddy to bring the dinosaurs into their log cabin to work on them.

Buddy Davis Crafting a Dinosaur Buddy Davis Crafting a Dinosaur Buddy Davis Crafting a Dinosaur Buddy Davis Crafting a Dinosaur Buddy Davis Crafting a Dinosaur

So where do dinosaurs reside in the winter? At the Creation Museum and in Buddy and Kay’s log cabin!

Make sure you catch up with Buddy Davis the next time you are at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky and when you come to visit the Ark Encounter after it opens July 7, about 40 miles south in Williamstown, Kentucky.

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