Let’s Teach Kids That A Is for Adam

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"A is for Adam, God made him from dust. He wasn’t a monkey, he looked just like us. Although some scientists don’t think it was so, it was God who was there and He ought to know.” My wife Mally and I wrote those lines in a popular book for young children called A is for Adam, which presents the gospel for kids from the Bible's beginning—teaching them to base their thinking on God’s Word along the way! And it’s just one of several kids' books we’ve written together. And we praise the Lord that we’ve heard many testimonies about children committing their lives to the Lord after reading our children’s books.

The faith of kids all over America is being attacked today like never before. They are being constantly bombarded with evolutionary, anti-God teaching at school and from the media. Children are being taught, from an increasingly young age, that God’s Word can’t be trusted and that they are just the result of millions of years of random processes. And it’s this teaching that is causing many children and teens to walk away from the church and often the faith. That’s why parents need to be proactive in teaching our kids to trust God’s Word from the very beginning! Sadly, even many Christian books and resources either only teach Bible stories (and the word story today usually means fairy tale), and do not connect the Bible to the real world, or they spread misconceptions about the Bible accounts, such as with “bathtub” Noah's Arks.

That’s why we at Answers in Genesis have a passion for reaching the next generation with the truth of God’s Word, encouraging them to base their thinking on God’s Word from the very beginning. It’s also why we provide resources specially geared toward kids, like our popular children's rhyming books. A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur, and N is for Noah present the truth of God’s Word in a fun format for kids aged 2–11. Each of these books, written by Mally and me, have been a popular choice of parents for years. And now you can purchase all three as a set for a special discounted price!

Ken Ham Rhyming Books

I encourage you to check out these children’s books and this list of other resources and consider adding them to your home library as you seek to raise your children to love and serve the Lord and trust in His Word.

  • A is for Adam
  • DNA Set
  • Answers Book for Kids Set
  • Kids Answers 10-Issue Set
  • My Creation Bible
  • Jonathan Park CD series
  • True Account of Adam & Eve
  • Dinosaurs for Kids
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