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The life-size Noah’s Ark project is well underway in northern Kentucky. This will be the largest timber frame structure in the world, and will open sometime in 2016 (date yet to be determined dependent on construction schedules and weather).

Here is a short photographic update of the construction:

Construction Project Front View

Two of the three towers that will house restrooms, stairs, and elevators—and also anchor the Ark structure for wind load—are well advanced in construction. Two of the towers are now over 60 feet high and soon to reach 7 stories high (76 feet). The major part of the concrete platform on which the Ark sits (for fire code) has been completed—the bow and stern sections will be constructed very soon. Five full bents and three half bents of the timber frame structure are in place—and a considerable amount of decking has been installed. This photograph shows the entire construction project from the front view.

Three Towers from the Back

The three towers from the back, showing how advanced they are in construction.

Ark Structure Imposed on the Platform

An illustrator has imposed the Ark structure on the platform and drawn in the completed height of the towers. This will give you a good understanding of how the structure will look when completed—and how large it is.

Wooden Structure From the Back

This photo shows the wooden structure from the back, in between the east and middle towers.

Wooden Structure From the Front

A picture of the wooden structure that has been installed so far from the front.

First Piece of Siding on the Ark

This is the first piece of siding that was installed.

Size of one of the Logs

This shows the size of one of the logs used for one of the bents. These logs came from forests where beetles had killed the trees.

Mally Standing on the First Deck

My wife is standing on the first deck to give you an idea of the size of the timbers and how the timber frame building is constructed.

Ken and Mally Standing on Deck Four

Mally and I standing on deck four, which will house the restaurant on the top of the Ark (the roof deck). You can see the parking area at the back (about a mile away by shuttle road) with its 4,000 parking spaces.

As well as the Ark construction, our design team is also well advanced in building exhibits for the 132 exhibit bays, queue lines, and other areas.

Keep up to date with the construction (and find out more about this evangelistic project) at

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