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I am looking forward to travelling to the UK this September for the UK Mega Conference, Answering the Sceptics. At last year’s conference we were thrilled to see over 1,300 people register! Sadly, in the UK many of even the most theologically conservative churches and Christian leaders have compromised on the issue of millions of years and evolution. These apologetics conferences that encourage and equip Christians to stand solidly on the authority of God’s Word without compromise from the very first verse are desperately needed.

Well, this conference coming to Belfast, Northern Ireland, September 3–5 is packed with solid apologetics material and faith-affirming sessions conducted by leading Answers in Genesis speakers and UK creation scientists and speakers. You’ll learn about the relevance of Genesis, Flood geology, problems with the theoretical big bang, design in nature, evidence for a young earth, and so much more from me, my brother Steve Ham, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Prof. Andy McIntosh, Prof. Stuart Burgess, Dr. Robert Beckett, and Dr. Andrew Snelling. There will also be special sessions for kids from Child Evangelism Fellowship, and I will be giving two talks especially for teens. There’s something for everyone at our UK Mega Conference! I encourage you to register for this exciting conference here, and save money by paying in advance.

After the conference you will have an exciting opportunity to be part of one of two tours going to explore the Giant’s Causeway with our geologist and head of our research department, Dr. Andrew Snelling. There are limited tickets for that event so you will want to register for that special tour right away!

I will be speaking several different times at Whitewall Metropolitan Tabernacle, which is this year’s conference venue. I’ll be giving a relevance of Genesis talk, creation vs. evolution talk, a race talk, and talks just for teens and youth. Go to this link for details. Also, after the conference, I will be speaking at Whitewall Metropolitan Tabernacle during both Sunday services on September 7. I'll be giving a talk called “How to Evangelize Today's Secularized Culture” at 11:00 AM and my "Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel" talk at 6:45 PM. I hope you can join us there.

I encourage you to watch the two videos below of me and my brother Steve talking about the upcoming conference. You are sure to catch the excitement of what God is going to do in the UK this fall!

You can see more videos about the conference and register here.

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