Dennis Rainey—An Ambassador for the Creation Museum

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Over the years I have been blessed to get to know many Christian leaders who boldly take a stand on the authority of the Bible during these challenging times. One such friend is Dennis Rainey, head of the large ministry called Family Life.

I saw that Dennis was interviewed recently for the “Ambassador” newsletter, the June 2015 issue, produced by our friends at Ambassador Advertising. Here is one of the questions he was asked, followed by his response:

Q. You have a large family—how do you make sure you “tend” your grown children and now 21 grandchildren given the size of the tribe?

A. Over the past dozen years none of our 6 children have lived near us but live in four states . . . However, last summer we took a 1600 mile road trip [round trip] to the Creation Museum with five of the oldest grandkids. It was a truly great experience . . . teaching them about a biblical worldview, experiencing the museum, going on a world class ZIP LINE with them, Graeters Ice Cream, and seeing the spot where the ARK will be built.

After I took them all to the Ark site, I recall having a fun dinner with Dennis, his wife, and grandkids at one of our favorite restaurants in Northern Kentucky.

In the current issue of Answers magazine, we highlight Dennis’ ministry in a Q&A article. And years ago I wrote about the time he spoke to the entire AiG staff and took a construction tour of the Creation Museum just before it opened.

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