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One of our excellent speakers, Bryan Osborne, recently received an email from an enthusiastic visitor to the Creation Museum. She was thrilled with what she learned here, including in Bryan's talk, and is encouraging others to come and see the museum for themselves. I encourage you to bring your family, friends, and church family to the Creation Museum (in the Cincinnati area) to see it too. You will leave encouraged and strengthened in your faith. This year be sure to take advantage of our 2 Buy 2 promotion—buy two tickets, get two tickets of equal or lesser value free!

“What a Jewel the Museum Is!”

My husband, my daughter, and myself attended your presentation on “Dinosaur Illusion: Dragons, Dinosaurs, and the Bible” at the Creation Museum on Thursday. We loved your presentation! We came and talked with you after your discussion. Hopefully this refreshes your memory a bit on who we are!

My experience at the Creation Museum and learning all I did was truly life changing for me. I have already started telling my family and friends about the museum and encouraging others to go check it out! What a jewel the museum is! My extended family is already on board to come visit the museum, and working to find a weekend it will work for all of them to come. If it works, I will come back again with them!

“Bring This Life-Changing Message . . . to My Town!”

After enjoying her family’s visit to the Creation Museum, she got excited about the possibility of having an AiG speaker come to her area and speak to the local churches. She understands that the message of biblical authority and the trustworthiness of God’s Word from the very beginning is an essential message in today’s day and age. She writes,

I believe the biblical message you and your fellow colleagues are sharing is a message that desperately needs to be brought into the light, especially in our country. I hope it is possible to bring this life-changing message of creation here to my town!

I look forward to hearing back from you, and the possibility of getting something scheduled here for you to come and speak. My hope would be [that people in my area] would then want to come to Creation Museum to get an even greater understanding of creation and the message of Christ.

Thank you for your work and spreading the message of Christ and the truth!—M.S.

Having an AiG speaker speak at your church, Christian school, or homeschool group is an excellent way of spreading the message of biblical authority from the very beginning og God's Word. We need to equip the church with answers to the skeptical questions that the world throws at Christians and encourage them to stand on the authority of God’s Word in a world rife with compromise. I encourage you to find out more about having an AiG speaker come to your church here. As you know, I just can’t personally travel to every church/conference for which we receive a speaking request. That’s why, over the past 30+ years, I have always kept a lookout for those Christians whom God has gifted to present the same basic messages as well as needed specialist presentations. At AiG, we have assembled an extremely talented group of dynamic speakers I can’t recommend highly enough. Invite us to your area, and we will send someone to facilitate the life-changing experience this will be for so many.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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