Christian Schools and Creation

by Ken Ham

Did you know that one of the most-asked questions we receive at our ministry is, Which Christian colleges can you recommend for our son and daughter, institutions that teach the authority of the Bible from the very first verse? Sadly, many Christian colleges have compromised on God’s Word, beginning in Genesis. They no longer stand firmly on the truth of Scripture but have instead allowed man’s ideas to take the place of God’s Word. Such colleges do not strengthen the faith of our children—they tear our kids’ faith apart. You can read more about compromise in Christian colleges in my coauthored book Already Compromised.

When parents ask what colleges we recommend, we typically point them to our website At the same time, Christian colleges and high schools sometimes contact us and let us know that they have an opening in their science department, and ask if we can be of assistance in filling those jobs. Of course, we risk opening a Pandora’s box and can’t list all of them, but I did have the recent opportunity to visit with the administrator of a Christian school in the Kansas City area, and wanted to assist him—he is adamant that a current opening in his science department has to be filled by someone who is trained in apologetics.

We are thrilled to see schools like this one in the Kansas City area that stand on the authority of God’s Word from the beginning and refuse to compromise with man’s ideas about the past. We need the next generation of young people to stand solidly on God’s Word and proclaim the truth of Scripture to a lost and dying world. We need to equip them to answer the skeptical questions of today’s age. If you are looking for a Christian college that will encourage and strengthen your child’s faith, I encourage you to check out

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