California Judges Banned from Boy Scouts

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According to recent reports, judges in California's courts are no longer able to belong to the Boy Scouts since the group does not allow for gay troop leaders. Reportedly, “the move extends an earlier ban on judges' belonging to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation that had an exemption for youth groups. Judges have one year to sever their ties with the Boy Scouts.” So, apparently, California judges are unable to participate in a wholesome group simply because they prohibit gay troop leaders. Now be aware that the Boy Scouts of America does allow for gay scout members—I have previously blogged about BSA’s unfortunate decision.

In this recent development, however, I wanted to point out that in an attempt not to discriminate against homosexuals, the California courts are instead discriminating against the Boy Scouts.

Moreover, as I recently blogged about, the media and the courts are increasingly saying that people have freedom of religious belief, but they don’t have freedom of religious expression in the culture. So you can believe what you want, but you can’t act on it. This seems to be what the courts are effectively saying to judges who still wish to be part of the Boy Scouts. One judge who is affected by this decision reportedly said, “The issue is whether individual judges can choose in their private lives to be involved in an organization that has tremendous qualities and provides tremendous support for young people.” A law professor from Harvard apparently said of this, “You have a free exercise right to pray where you wish. And you have a free association right to belong to whatever club you wish to belong to . . . And I don't actually think the distinction between the two is constitutionally justified.”

The message that is ringing loud and clear all across America with each decision like this is that if you don’t celebrate and embrace homosexual behavior, we will discriminate against you and your beliefs. Our culture is not reaching neutrality on this issue—there is no neutrality!

Sadly, we are seeing more and more instances like this across America as our culture continues to reject God’s Word and people do what is right in their own eyes (Judges 21:25). Our culture as a whole has rejected the definition of marriage given to us by our Creator—one man for one woman—and expects everyone else to celebrate that rejection along with them.

I encourage you to read this article about declining religious freedom in the West.

As Christians, we need to be bold in standing for the authority and truth of God’s Word in a culture that has rejected it. Our morality does not come from anyone but our Creator, and that foundation for morality comes from God’s Word.

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