“Thank You for Coming to Teach Us”

by Ken Ham on January 3, 2015

Every year AiG speakers present at dozens of conferences and churches all around the globe on biblical authority and the true history of the world as recorded in Genesis. These conferences encourage Christians to take a bold stand on the authority of God’s Word and help to equip them to answer the skeptical questions of this age to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some responses we’ve received through Facebook and email on recent conferences:

Thank you for coming to teach us at, Brainerd Baptist, in Chattanooga, TN I learned so much and how to witness for Jesus by starting with Genesis. I replay these often. Want to see the Ark in 2016. God Bless You All. Amazing ministry The Lord has given is. — D. G.
I just wanted to thank you for coming to Chattanooga to begin the work of degreeking us. The lesson you taught this evening about sharing the Gospel as God does made so much sense!! It also provides almost a script for those who struggle with how to share the Gospel; if you start at the beginning and make your way to the Cross you always know where to go!…I just wanted to express my heart felt gratitude for the work you and your team does for The Lord! You and the whole AiG team will be constantly in my prayers! Thank you! —J. R.
So enjoyed hearing Ken Ham in Chattanooga today. The kids from our school took notes and really enjoyed the presentation. Thankful to have heard Ken twice now (once at the museum). It is so helpful to hear the true story from the Bible and to have this knowledge! The kids shared their notes in the car on the way back to school. Thanks Ken!! —L.K.
Thanks! We took our oldest grandson to an Answers in Genesis conference that was held at Dixie Hills Baptist Church in Bolivar, TN. He loved it! It has enlightened us even more to his dream of being a paleontologist/preacher when he grows up. He is almost 8yo, but has been excited about dinosaurs since he was 2. This program is set up for older people but it is a blessing for everyone! Keep up the good work! We will watch for more opportunities to join in the wonders of GOD work. —B. C.
I wanted to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed the Answers for Pastors Conference in October. Top notch. We also enjoyed the Creation Museum. We cannot wait to return.—Pastor D. M.
We praise God for these conference opportunities that allow us to reach people with the truth of God’s Word from the very first verse. To request an event, please visit our Outreach page.

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