Bacteria Resistance In India a Result of Evolution?

by Ken Ham on December 10, 2014

Bacterial infections are tragically killing tens of thousands of people in India as doctors are discovering that most known antibiotics are not working, according to a New York Times article . Many people will look at the tragedy and blame God in response. But is God truly at fault for the death and suffering we witness and experience in our post-Fall world? I encourage you to read Dr. Tommy Mitchell’s article on the Answers in Genesis website that answers questions like “Was God’s creation really ‘very good’?” and “Why do we die now?” I think Dr. Mitchell said it best when he wrote, “The sad things that happen around us and to us are reminders that sin has consequences and that the world needs a Savior.”

The Times reported that "health officials have warned for decades that overuse of antibiotics—miracle drugs that changed the course of human health in the 20th century—would eventually lead bacteria to evolve in a way that made the drugs useless."

What we're seeing here, however, is not an example of molecules-to-man evolution, but rather variation within a kind. Read more about how bacteria become resistant and how its resistance (in a sin-cursed world) is a testament to a great Designer in this article by Dr. Georgia Purdom.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG's research team.

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