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Grand Canyon Raft Trips 2015

One of the most spectacular and breathtaking places in the United States is the Grand Canyon. No other place is quite like it. Unfortunately, it is used largely to indoctrinate people with millions of years of evolutionary geology. But does the Grand Canyon actually represent millions of years of slow erosion? Not at all. The Grand Canyon stands as a testament to the global Flood of Noah’s day and catastrophic processes. And you can see this for yourself! This summer I encourage you to join Flood geologists and creation researchers on the trip of a lifetime down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. I have taken such a trip to the Grand Canyon, and I can tell you that of all my travels, none has been more exciting and educational. Not only will you enjoy the spectacular beauty (even though it’s a result of a watery judgment) of the canyon (and maybe get a bit wet whitewater rafting!), but you will also come away equipped to answer the world’s questions about the Flood.

Here’s what the leaders of this fantastic trip have to say about it. Dr. Andrew Snelling, AiG’s resident geologist and popular speaker, says that taking the trip will arm you with knowledge to help defend your faith:

Ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon from the level of the Colorado River, with a geologist to guide and answer questions, all from a Creation-Flood perspective? Then these trips are for you! Dr. John Whitmore (another experienced Flood geologist) and I will travel with you for 9 days or 7 and 4 days respectively, with both of us teaching on the geology of the Grand Canyon at a simplified but robust level in the world’s best classroom, and available 24/7 to answer all your questions. Enjoy side hikes (especially on the 9-day trip) to key geologic features that evidence the work of Noah’s Flood. Be informed with information and equipped with your own photos so that you can use the canyon’s geology to defend your faith and challenge unbelievers with the gospel. Deluxe camping along the river under the stars each night, and wonderful fellowship. Expect to go home positively impacted for life!
Dr. Terry Mortenson, who has a PhD in the history of geology and is another of AiG’s sought-after speakers, says that seeing a photograph of the Grand Canyon is not enough to truly comprehend its magnitude:
No picture of the Grand Canyon can convey what is actually there. You need to see it for yourself. But don’t waste your time and money with an evolutionist as a guide. A trip led by creationists who know the canyon well, thoroughly understand the creation-evolution controversy, and are gifted at communicating with people of all ages and all levels of scientific understanding is a great way to experience the canyon. Besides formal teaching times, your guides will gladly answer your questions. The food and camping are first class, the boatmen are experts at running the rapids, and the beauty of the place is breathtaking. Your faith in the literal truth of Genesis 1–11 will be strengthened by the rocks and fossils and plants and animals you will see. I have no doubt that you will come away spiritually blessed by this unique trip of a lifetime. Come join us!
Dr. John Whitmore, professor of Geology at Cedarville University, explains how informative the canyon can be when you learn about it through the lens of biblical creation:
There is no better place to study and learn about biblical geology than the Grand Canyon! It has it all: Creation Week rocks, pre-Flood rocks, the Great Unconformity, Flood rocks, folds, faults, fossils, volcanoes and on and on. Every day is an amazing experience!
Be sure to sign up for this exciting, adventurous, and God-glorifying “creation vacation”at the sign-up page.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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