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My wife and I arrived in Brisbane, Australia on November 14 (we are visiting aged parents in ill health), the day before the G20 Summit that was held in Brisbane. President Obama, along with leaders from several other countries (including Russia and China), attended the two-day conference.

Millions and Billions . . . of Dollars

I was interested to read in the Australian news that Australia spent close to $400 million in security and other costs to protect the attending world leaders. I also saw that President Obama came in the Air Force One plane and also brought his presidential helicopters, three additional planes, motorcade (and other vehicles), and many personnel. The amount of money each country spent on attending this conference must have been hundreds of millions of dollars. I think Answers in Genesis could build ten evangelistic Ark projects for the amount of money spent on this conference! It’s also interesting to me that almost every time I mention the Ark project on my Facebook, there are those that complain about the money being spent and that it should be given to the poor. I wonder how many of these same people complained about the billion or more dollars spent on a two-day conference in Brisbane!

Denying Climate Change?

University of Queensland (in Brisbane) was chosen as the place for President Obama to give a major speech. The news media reported on two major issues that Obama brought up—climate change and same-sex “marriage.” There’s no doubt these are two major agenda items for secularists today.

The Brisbane Times reported the following:

While he [President Obama] spoke of climate change and the need for Australia, like America, to ‘step up’, for women and gay and lesbian rights to take precedence on the world stage . . . .
Actually, I have never met anyone who denies climate change. Maybe they are out there, but I haven’t encountered one. Even when I was a student in primary (elementary) school in Australia, I remember learning the famous poem “My Country” by Dorothea Mackellar. One of the verses began with these words:
I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains.
I grew up with climate change in Australia! Some years we experienced drought and other years we experienced flooding rains and cyclones (hurricanes)! Sometimes we experienced horrific hail storms!

Climate change is a reality. The issue is not whether climates change or not or whether there can be extremes in climate, but whether man’s activities have supposedly led to significant climate change! Much has been written on this on our website, and there are many researchers who will explain that climate change is a very complex issue and that man’s activities are not a major issue at all.

Supporting Same-Sex “Marriage”

The other major topic President Obama brought up was that of encouraging people to support same-sex “marriage.” Forcing gay marriage on the American culture has certainly turned out to be one of the major agenda items of President Obama and will be one of his saddest legacies! Romans 1 details one of the consequences of God judging a culture: the increasing practice of homosexual behavior. I do believe America (in fact, the entire once very Christianized Western world) is under judgment by an almighty God. Sadly, we see the increasing secularization of the culture as God and His Word are increasingly mocked and thrown out of the culture. Also, when one considers that more than 55 million children have been murdered in the mother’s wombs in America alone since 1973, God is not going to be silent! The abortion holocaust murders far surpass Hitler’s heinous genocidal Holocaust.

Continued Secularization and Rebellion

So what was the G20 Summit and the probably billion dollars spent on it all about? Seems to me it was about world leaders getting together to pass resolutions that will continue to see the secularization of nations and the increasing rebellion against God and His Word.

Well, those are my thoughts right now from Down Under.

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