Bill Nye Bringing His Religion of Humanism to Australia

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In February 2015 Bill Nye will be making his first speaking tour of my home country Australia to “foster a scientifically literate society, making science entertaining and accessible.” According to the group hosting Mr. Nye,

Think Inc. . . . is hosting Bill Nye the Science Guy to promote the sciences, and prompt thought in evolution among young adults. As Bill Nye says: “We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need . . . engineers that can build stuff, solve problems.”
Now, the website describes the event as trying to “prompt thought in evolution” and also mentions Mr. Nye as popular for “locking horns with creationists” and garnering six million views on his “Creationism Is Not Appropriate for Children” YouTube video. Based on this, it would appear that the creation-evolution controversy—or at the very least, evolution—will be featured prominently during his presentations.

To my knowledge, Bill Nye is not well-known in Australia. Australian kids did not grow up on the Bill Nye the Science Guy TV program as many American kids did. However, I have no doubt the Australian secular media will be doing their best to foist Bill Nye’s secular humanist ideas onto the Australian public.

If Bill Nye and Think Inc. are trying to promote real scientific literacy—certainly a good thing—they do not need to do so by peddling evolution and its associated religion of naturalism to young people. Mr. Nye says he wants a generation of engineers that “can build stuff, solve problems,” but when I asked him before, during, and after our debate to name one piece of technology developed by a belief in evolution, he couldn’t name one! That’s because evolution does nothing to further technology or innovation. Even though Bill Nye says he is promoting “scientific literacy,” I suggest he has an underlying agenda in all this to indoctrinate kids and adults in the religion of naturalism (really an atheistic worldview).

I firmly believe scientific literacy will rise (as it has in the past) when young people are taught that the universe and earth are the result of God’s handiwork and that the Bible reveals earth’s true history. After all, this is what inspired such scientists as Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Francis Bacon. The scientific method, based on repeatable tests using one’s five senses, really comes out of a Christian worldview—the laws of nature can be trusted because they were created by God.

I urge you to remember to pray for all the young people and their parents who will be attending Bill Nye’s evolutionary indoctrination events down under. Pray that they will be able to discern the truth and recognize the bankruptcy of the religion of humanism that Bill Nye preaches. Also, pray for Mr. Nye and his salvation—he needs Jesus!

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