Human Evolution—Just More Fictional Storytelling

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Biblical creationists can show that the study of genetics confirms that there are distinct kinds of animals. The Human Genome Project confirmed one race of humans, as biblical creationists predicted, based on the Bible’s account of the creation of one man and woman—Adam and Eve in Genesis.

Layers of fossil-bearing sedimentary rock in the Grand Canyon exhibits evidence that the layers had to be laid down catastrophically, which is consistent with the Flood of Noah’s Day, but this is considered “religion” by secular evolutionists.

Evolutionists, however, can make statements like the following in Time magazine, and they call it “science,” but it’s not—it’s fictional storytelling:

Some anthropologists now believe that advanced human behaviors like toolmaking only developed when early humans evolved to have lower levels of testosterone than their ancestors, according to a new study published in Current Anthropology. . . .

It’s important to note that these early humans didn’t yet have “culture” as we know it—they were still hunter-gatherers, Cieri says, but they were much less aggressive about it. But he thinks this lowering of testosterone led to more cooperation between people, which laid crucial groundwork for cultural advances thousands of years later.

You can read their fictional storytelling on Time’s website.

I encourage you to check out our topic page on human evolution to learn the truth.

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