Another Anti-Creation Museum, Anti-Ark Blitz!

by Ken Ham on August 6, 2014

Well, it’s on again! When we announced several years ago that the Creation Museum’s construction was moving ahead, secularists attacked our efforts. Well, it’s happening again with the Ark Encounter as it moves ahead! The intolerant secularists have been writing fictional pieces that malign and attempt to undermine our Creation Museum and coming Ark Encounter.

You would think these secularists would have learned their lesson. The more fiction they make up and spread through the Internet, the more it gives us an opportunity to publicize our ministry.

To give you some examples of the latest pieces of fiction from secularists, I will give you just a few quotes below. Actually, it would all be laughable, except that I feel sorry for these deluded individuals who are so lost and so anti-Christian. They just can’t seem to help throwing their tantrums.

Yet I always remember that they are really shaking their fists at God—it’s not AiG they are angry at. It’s the One who created them and paid the penalty for their sins. They don’t want to admit that they are sinners in need of salvation and that they need to submit to God and not to themselves!

The latest diatribe I thought I would bring to your attention is on the Progressive Pulse website. The Progressive Pulse—part of the North Carolina Policy Watch—describes itself this way:

The Progressive Pulse is a nonpartisan blog about the issues, debates, and people that affect North Carolina public policy. As with the organization that sponsors it, NC Policy Watch, its ultimate objective is to improve the quality of life in the state by advancing policy solutions that help bring about social, political and economic justice.

Well, I guess a post telling untruths about a Christian organization in Kentucky somehow has something to do with North Carolina public policy!

A post dated August 4 makes many outlandish, fictional statements. Here are a few:

1. The headline of the post: “Business incentives that are a real leap of faith: State of Kentucky to help pay for Noah’s Ark.” Yes, it’s the same old lie! Kentucky is paying nothing toward the construction of the Ark project. Instead, the Ark Encounter will bring millions of dollars into the state—that’s something North Carolina should take note of!

2. “The [Creation] museum has a reputation of being boring and repetitious. Rather than filling the museum with scientific information alongside fossils and informative exhibits, the tour mostly consists of Bible verses, fake vegetarian dinosaurs living with people, and anti-secular propaganda.” Really now? That’s what I call a real piece of fiction. Anyone who has visited the Creation Museum knows how ridiculous such statements are. I challenge the author to visit the Creation Museum and see our world-class exhibits! To get just a glimpse of this multi-million dollar facility, watch this short video:

3. “Unlike real science museums in which exhibits and information are continually updated and revised according to the latest research, the Creation Museum just stays the same as it is based on ancient Biblical literature that never changes.” Does the author actually believe this, or did he deliberately just make it up? Frankly, it’s laughable—except that some people might believe what has been written.

Just for interest, here is a list of exhibits and other things we have added to the museum since opening seven years ago:

  • Natural selection exhibit
  • A high-tech homology (ape vs. man) exhibit using laser technology
  • Impressive Dinosaur Den exhibition
  • Lucy “ape-woman” exhibit with holographic technology
  • Manuscript exhibit from the famed Green Collection of Bibles (which changes every six months)
  • Racism-related artifacts in our anti-racism display
  • New planetarium programs (we have four total programs now—the latest one is on comets)
  • Meteorite display
  • Children’s cave, plus some hands-on activities in various places inside the museum
  • Raptor exhibit
  • Stunning animatronic Noah display
  • Insectorium exhibit, “Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium” opened on Memorial Day, featuring one of the finest insect collections in America. It includes the use of an animatronic “Dr. Arthur Podd.”
  • Animatronic animals in Ark cages
  • Noah’s Ark bay exhibit (a huge exhibit standing outside)
  • Dragon Legends exhibit
  • Lush gardens (including a rain forest area and a koi pond)
  • Additional outdoor bridges and a pathway around our three-acre lake
  • Petting zoo
  • Camel rides and a special camel ride pen
  • Zip lines running almost two and a half miles
  • Items added to the stunning Dragon Hall bookstore (e.g., dragon sculpture, Beowulf model)
  • Answers Hall exhibit area
  • Dinosaur stamp collection from all over the world
  • An Adam’s Chart of History exhibit
  • Observatory with astronomy programs (utilizing a variety of powerful telescopes)
  • Mastodon cast in the Main Hall
  • A larger Noah’s Café to handle the crowds on busy days, plus a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, and a pizza station
  • Yearly Christmas program with tens of thousands of Christmas lights each year
  • A $1.5 million Allosaurus exhibit
  • A 1,000-seat auditorium
  • And we have added a variety of teaching programs

Okay—that’s enough. This blog post would be many pages long if I countered all the fiction in this secularist post on the Progressive Pulse’s website. You can read this fictional anti-Christian attack piece for yourself (if you want to waste five minutes of your life) on their website.

Actually, this example should be a warning to people who live in North Carolina about this website: you certainly can’t trust what you read on the Progressive Pulse! It’s certainly not “Progressive”—“Regressive” would be a better name.

Come and visit the world-class Creation Museum and see the many high-tech exhibits and theaters. Visit the Creation Museum’s website for more information.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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