“WOW. What an amazing place.”

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Here is wonderful testimonial from a Creation Museum visitor. As I read the many accounts like this that we receive every day, they are a great encouragement to me and the staff. And it encourages me to know that we have some great employees who minister to the needs of our guests, as this example recounts:

My husband and I took our daughter to the Creation Museum for her birthday this year. We’ve wanted to visit the museum ever since it opened, but have never been able to do that. Wow. What an amazing place!

There were so many things that touched us and spoke to us from the presentation of side-by-side “man’s word/God’s word” exhibits to the absolutely INCREDIBLE insect display and everything in between.

The first day there, I was immediately thankful to be on vacation in a place where I felt peace, did not have to listen to swearing and people being rough and loud …

It is a wonderful respite to be able to actually enjoy, down to the most-minute detail, a couple days away from it all. My faith was strengthened, we made memories to last a lifetime, and we were so impressed by the staff. Everyone was so kind and friendly.

I want to share something that happened on our second day there. My husband really wanted to do the zip line and so he went with the group and my daughter—and I went out to the petting zoo and to walk around the little lake while waiting to get pictures of him on his adventure.

We got caught in a freak snowstorm and managed to get to the gazebo for some shelter. When it let up a bit, we headed for the museum. I could not keep up with my little girl and at one point, it was just coming down hard and it was so cold—and we were NOT dressed for that. So I told her to run on ahead of me and go in the “main door and wait right there.” I meant the side door, and she heard the “main door” so once inside, she traveled to the main entrance and planted herself on a bench. Just doing what mom said.

A minute later I got up the steps finally and came in and did not see her. Panic set in quickly. I glanced around and went to the gentlemen at the photo area. The look on my face said it all. A man asked, “What is wrong?” I said “I just lost my girl!”

Immediately, one man was taking info and one was calling security. Within seconds, I had officers around me asking questions and setting off to find her. I have never had this happen. It was so scary. One of the gentlemen at the photo booth could see exactly what was going on in my head. He looked me square in the eye and said “they will find her.” It just settled me quick, for a moment at least.

I’d guess within a minute or two, an officer found her and called that he had her. WOW. They were SPOT ON and were like a well-oiled machine.

It took me a while to settle inside, but we enjoyed the rest of our day there and left refreshed.

I wanted to thank you all once again for a wonderful couple of days. Everything about the museum was awesome. Exhibits of very high quality, clean restrooms, friendly café staff, great food, an amazing gift shop … Buddy Davis was wonderful in his “cool critters” workshop and just taking time to talk to the kids and let people get photos, and the concert was great … We will come back for sure. And we cannot WAIT for the Ark to be finished.

Thank you for all you do at the Creation Museum! We are so blessed.


P.S. Please share this with your staff if you are able. And I also give permission to use any portion of this for encouragement to others!

Plan your trip to the Creation Museum this summer with your family. We’re thankful for the large crowds we have already seen this year. But with so many things to see and do here (including our beautiful gardens and the incredible zip lines), it doesn’t feel cramped even with our many visitors coming from all over the country and the world. Children 12 and under come free in 2014 with at least one paying adult. I encourage you to go to CreationMuseum.com.

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