Indoctrinated into the State Worldview

by Ken Ham on June 28, 2014

There is no doubt the culture is changing as it becomes more and more secularized. I suspect we will see more instances of what is reported in this news item, that states:

NiSource, Inc., an Indiana-based energy distribution group with operations in Ohio, told the Home School Legal Defense Association that the company will not hire home-school graduates.
Secular schools have by and large eliminated God, the Bible, creation, and prayer. In essence they have become churches of atheism. The more students are taught that they are just animals and that life arose by natural processes, the more we will see this religion reflected in the students’ worldview. By the way, much research has shown the great academic achievements of homeschoolers. In reality, this controversy about hiring homeschoolers is not a battle over how equipped and ready for the workforce a person might be, but is over whether or not that person has been indoctrinated into the worldview dictated by the state.

You can read the entire news article on this story for more information.

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