Who Is Really Fuming?

by Ken Ham on June 10, 2014

Recently AiG started a section on our website called “Creation Debate.” As we say on the Creation Debate page,

“Creation Debate” is AiG’s ongoing examination of how, from the book of Genesis, the Bible’s authority speaks with relevance to many of the hot button news and events of our day. For Christians, Creation Debate seeks to help them become better informed believers and to embolden them to be more effective in engaging our culture with biblical truth. For non-Christians, we seek to proclaim the authority of the Bible and the gospel message with boldness.

So, from TV and movie reviews to an exploration of news of the day, we invite you to explore Creation Debate . . . as we provide you with thoughtful and practical Bible-based commentary.

On this new section we now have a number of movie and TV series reviews. When the new Cosmos series was produced (and is finishing its 13-week run this week), AiG researcher Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell was asked to do a review of each episode. Our purpose, of course, is to provide teaching resources concerning the origins topic.

You can check out the “Creation Debate” at creationdebate.org.

No matter what we do at AiG—whether it’s build a Creation Museum, produce a research journal (Answers Research Journal), publish blogs (like my daily blog), begin construction of a life-size Noah’s Ark, or write reviews of programs like Cosmos—secularists go ballistic. We find that the secularists become very emotional, usually with ad hominem attacks, untruths, and misinformation. In fact they go to great lengths to try to discredit us.

You can read Dr. Mitchell’s reviews of each Cosmos episode at creationdebate.org/cosmos-a-spacetime-odyssey.

I have noticed that on the very anti-God, left-leaning website Salon.com, that secularists have been very upset with the fact we publish reviews of each of the episodes of Cosmos. In its latest tirade against us we read the following:

The Ken Ham-helmed organization Answers in Genesis has responded week after week with blog posts attempting to explain away Neil deGrasse Tyson with a tedious Bible-based refrain. . .

Here are some major moments that made creationists fume.

Actually, it’s secularists like the author of this article who can’t help but “fume.” It seems to me that secularists can’t help themselves but “fume” over just about everything we proclaim about biblical authority.

And why do they “fume” so much?

Well, it’s really an illustration of Romans 1:18, where we read that those who reject God “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” As Romans 1–2 makes it very clear that God has given everyone the ability to know that God exists and that everyone has a conscience because God wrote the law on our hearts, then those who rebel against God have to cover their eyes, close their ears, and “fume” as they suppress the truth!

In the meantime, we at AiG will continue to respond to those secularists who “fume” against God and try to brainwash people into believing the lie of evolution and/or millions of years.

So expect many more AiG reviews of evolutionist TV programs and films and more teaching resources as we battle for the hearts and minds of people,

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)
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