“You Have Made a Difference”

by Ken Ham on June 9, 2014

Last week, I presented two keynote addresses and six workshops at the Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE) annual convention. I have spoken at a number of state home educator conventions this year—as I have done each year for many years now.

Illinois Christian Home Educators annual convention


It is always such a blessing and privilege for me to speak at these homeschool conventions, for I know how important it is to train children in the way of the Lord from when they are born. Mally and I homeschooled our five children over a period of 17 years.

During the ICHE convention this past Thursday through Saturday, I received many verbal testimonies that so encouraged me. Towards the end of the convention, a family handed me a card that I read on the plane on the way home. As I read this card, I thought it important to share excerpts with you—our supporters—so you too will experience a little of the type of feedback we receive. It helps outline how impactful this ministry is on the hearts and minds of people.

I am somewhat reticent to publish such positive feedback as all of us at AiG recognize it is the Lord who works in the hearts and minds of people. But He chooses to use frail vessels like us (and we all have feet of clay) to proclaim the most important message of all: the truth of His Word and the gospel.

However, I thought it would be good for you to read the actual words written down for me concerning the impact of the ministry of AiG on the coming generation.

At the top of this card, these words were printed: “You have Made a Difference.” Then, these words were typed (I have excerpted sections):

Dear Mr. Ham. Thank you very much for coming to the Illinois Christian Home Educators convention. We are very grateful to you for . . . your Biblical worldview, your commitment to family discipleship, your vision for multigenerational vision, and your passion for Biblical apologetics and Biblical science. What the Lord has enabled you to achieve is staggering. We also so appreciate your wife who has faithfully served.

We began homeschooling from the very start. You have been an integral part of our family for almost the majority of our homeschooling journey. My children . . . have grown up on you. Your impact on them has been nothing less than profound.

We eagerly viewed the debate you participated in with Bill Nye. Just after the debate there was a post on a blog . . . [that] expressed disappointment about how he thought you should have more heavily loaded your arguments with scientific evidence. One of the educational subjects that has had a powerful impact on my sons is your . . . presuppositional apologetics. My son . . . 19, posted the enclosed comment on that blog [I will quote some excerpts from this below]. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it would be an encouragement to you as you consider the meaningful impact you have made on so many of us.

Thank you again, for all your tireless obedience to the Lord, loving service, and selfless sacrifice. Your enthusiasm and vigor for serving far into your middle-aged years is also such a tremendous example to my sons and me.

Now let me share just a few excerpts of the item this 19 year old posted on a blog regarding a post that was rather critical of what I did in the Bill Nye debate:
All too often in the origins debate, Christians engage in futile argumentation because they are distracted from the real issues at hand. When we approach any discussion on apologetics, we must do so in terms of God’s Word, with a believing awareness of whatever it has to say about the purposes and priorities of the conversation, and the real nature of the conflict that provokes it. If we do not come to the table with a carefully biblical perspective, we will not accomplish much of value as far as our responsibility to give an answer for the hope within us is concerned . . . Mr Ham is very wise to recognize that the origins debate is not a battle about the interpretation of evidence. It’s a battle of authority. The word of God is our ultimate authority; if we conceded to the agnostic/atheist insistence that we establish the authority of God and His word on the basis of human rationalistic, scientific inquiry, we undermine the very foundation on which we claim to stand. If we must appeal to man’s authority in order to establish God’s authority, then what authority does God have? . . .

We are called to give an answer for the hope that is within us, the Triune God of the Bible and Jesus Christ our Lord, and the surety and reliability of the Word wherein our God is revealed to us. In an age where all too many Christians are willing to compromise and unite with members of [rival] faiths in the vain belief that there is common ground between the light of the Christian faith and the darkness of all else, Mr Ham is a faithful, uncompromising and winsome witness, and for this he should be commended.

Wow! A 19-year-old homeschooler responding to one of my critics of what I said during the debate! This makes me realize the incredible impact the ministry of AiG is having on the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of homeschool kids that have heard what we teach and have obtained numerous resources the Lord burdened us to produce.

In the midst of an increasingly evil generation, it sure gives me some hope to realize there are young men like this that God has allowed AiG to be a special part in impacting their lives for Him.

After I read what this young man wrote, I looked at the verse of Scripture this family included on the card. I thought how fitting this verse was, considering what this young man wrote in responding to someone on the Internet:

Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. (Daniel 12:3)
After giving eight presentations and talking to so many adults, young people, and children before and after my talks, I was feeling tired—even wondering how I can keep this up! But then I read this card and this young man’s comments, and I rejoiced, looking forward to many other home school conventions the Lord will enable me to speak to in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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