New $1.5 Million Exhibit Opens at Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on May 23, 2014

A new $1.5 million dinosaur exhibit at the Creation Museum housing a world-class allosaur skeleton—having one of the best-preserved Allosaurus skulls ever discovered—goes on public display Saturday.

After recent cleaning and restoration, the 30-foot-long, 10-foot-high allosaur has been reappraised at $1 million. The rare skeleton will be placed in a stunning $500,000 exhibit, which will join an already-impressive array of dinosaur and other exhibits at the museum in northern Kentucky and near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Allosaur fossil

I encourage you to read the lead article on AiG’s website today that was also sent to secular and Christian media as a press release. A number of media outlets have already carried a news story about this exciting news.

Also, take advantage of the Creation Museum “kids 12 and under free” program in 2014.

I encourage you to read the entire article about this exciting new exhibit.

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