Bill Nye’s Latest Rant Against AiG

by Ken Ham on April 16, 2014

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” wrote an article titled “Bill Nye’s Take on the Nye-Ham Debate” that was recently published on a secular website (the Skeptical Inquirer) that has now been referred to or reposted on a number of websites (and various secular bloggers have linked to it as well). The article offers Nye’s account of our February 4 debate at the Creation Museum and background to it.

In this article Nye stated the following:

But, I held strongly to the view that it was an opportunity to expose the well-intending Ken Ham and the support he receives from his followers as being bad for Kentucky, bad for science education, bad for the U.S., and thereby bad for humankind—I do not feel I’m exaggerating when I express it this strongly.
The website reported on Bill Nye’s article with this headline: “Bill Nye: Creationism is ‘bad for science education, bad for the U.S., and thereby bad for humankind.’”

There was so much misinformation and so many demeaning comments found in Mr. Nye’s attack against Answers in Genesis and me personally that I decided to respond to a number of his statements in a commentary published as a lead article on the AiG website today. I encourage you to read the entire piece.

We need to continue to pray for Bill Nye—he needs a touch from the Lord.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,



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