Interact live Tonight with Dr. Andrew Snelling and Dr. John Whitmore

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A supercontinent before the Flood? Catastrophic plate tectonics? Landmass collisions forming the Appalachians?

This week, Answers magazine readers (and anyone who is interested) will have another opportunity to talk live with an author about an article in our award-winning Answers magazine.


Tonight from 7:00–8:00 PM (eastern time in the USA), Dr. Andrew Snelling, Answers in Genesis geologist and director of research, and Dr. John Whitmore, professor of geology at Cedarville University, will talk live on a Google Hangout with Mike Matthews, Answers magazine editor in chief. They will discuss Dr. Snelling’s article, “Noah’s Lost World,” in the current issue of Answers magazine.

This article delves into what the configuration might have been for a supercontinent at the time of Noah—and what might have happened to it during and after the Flood. This discussion will involve topics such as catastrophic plate tectonics—the supercontinent breaking apart during the Flood, producing collisions that formed mountain ranges like the Appalachians. There are lots of fascinating topics to cover during this live discussion.

Before the Flood, it appears that the whole planet was different. For example, if Noah stood in the spot where San Francisco was later built, he probably would have looked out over the warm landscape of Antarctica, or perhaps Australia, since no water then separated these landmasses. That’s just one of the many differences.

The live chat begins tonight at 7:00 PM eastern time. Visit the Google Hangout page to learn more.

I urge you not to miss this unique opportunity. And if you’re not a subscriber to our family-equipping, faith-building Answers magazine, I encourage you to visit the Answers magazine section of our website and subscribe today!

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