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This past week, AiG ran a unique event we called our “Design(er)” conference. Now, note that we didn’t call it the “Design” conference! At Answers in Genesis we will never divorce the arguments for design in nature from the Designer—we will never separate the evidence for design from the truth of our Creator and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. That makes AiG very different from the Intelligent Design (ID) movement.

I opened the conference with a keynote address titled “The Relevance of the Ultimate Designer.” In this message I warned about the danger of using ID arguments divorced from who the true Designer is. ID arguments could be used to promote false religions. I shared that the ID movement (which is really a non-Christian movement) is not about reaching people with the message of the true Designer—the Creator/Redeemer of the Bible. Answers in Genesis is not ashamed of the fact that we stand on the authority of the Word of God and our primary aim is to see people saved for eternity—not just converted to be creationists!

You can watch my talk on AiG’s YouTube channel. Actually, you can watch all of the evening presentations (after 3:30 PM each day)—including those of our guest scientist Dr. Stuart Burgess—on the AiG YouTube channel. Dr. Burgess is a professor at a secular university in England. Learn about him from this short video clip that I played during my February debate with Bill Nye.

I encourage you to spend time watching some of the powerful “Design(er)” conference now available for free on our Answers in Genesis YouTube channel.

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