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Should we be surprised at the comment made by a BioLogos staff member on the new Hollywood movie, “Noah”?  Not at all.  BioLogos is the organization that attempts to lead Christians to compromise Genesis with evolutionary ideas—thus undermining the authority of Scripture, including the foundations of the gospel message.

In a review of “Noah,” the BioLogos author wrote:

Our mission at BioLogos is to “invite the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation . . .

My favorite part of the whole movie was when Noah retold the Genesis creation accounts to his sons, and we saw the evolutionary creation of the world up to some mysterious Adam and Eve figures. As mythology, I thought it would have been a nice touch if in the scene when the camera zoomed way out, instead of seeing a globe, we would have seen a picture of the earth in its ancient cosmological setting.

As I said, I’m not surprised that an author at BioLogos would see this presentation of evolution in the “Noah” movie to be his favorite part of the whole film.  Note that he also says “the Genesis creation accounts” (plural!).   He then recommends articles for people to read.  If you look up those articles, they teach Noah’s Flood is local at “best” and most likely just theological (not historical).

But even BioLogos admits in this review that the “Noah” movie does not represent the account in Genesis and that it has a mythological feel to it.

You can read the BioLogos review on their website.

It’s a shame a number of biblically conservative church leaders have recommended “Noah.”  Maybe they need to read the review from a compromising group like BioLogos that has admitted the movie did not reflect the account in Genesis and relied on a number of extra-biblical sources.

Your Inner Fish?

‘Tis the season for new evolution-themed television series! With the re-vamp of the Carl Sagan Cosmos series, now hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey has proven to be a mixture of science and speculation masquerading as science. As each episode airs the scientists at Answers in Genesis watch to see whether Tyson will toss another insulting polemic at Bible-believers, preach evolutionary beliefs from the helm of his “Ship of the Imagination,” or stick mostly to the facts of observational science. Whether you are following the 13-part series yourself or just want to be prepared to discuss it with your friends or with youth who look to you for answers, be sure each Tuesday afternoon to catch the review of the Cosmos episode that just aired on Sunday and Monday nights. The review of this week’s episode was called “Hiding in the Light.” All the informative Cosmos episode reviews along with free downloadable discussion guides suitable for use with teens and adults are always available for you at

Meanwhile, just this week a new 3-part series hosted by Tiktaalik discoverer Neil Shubin premiered on PBS with Your Inner Fish. The series claims to show how evolution—not the Creator God—produced the marvelous body you have. Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, who trained at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Vanderbilt University Affiliated Hospitals, will be reviewing this series starting today, with episode one, Your Inner Fish. (Next Saturday and the next she will cover Your Inner Reptile and Your Inner Monkey.) After watching Your Inner Fish, Dr. Mitchell wrote:

Your Inner Fish, hosted on PBS by fish paleontologist Neil Shubin of Tiktaalik fame, blends fishy fables with embryology, genetics, and human anatomy. Shubin mingles observable wonders of biology with evolutionary explanations for their origin. He claims the human body itself contains the evidence for evolution and that “we are, every one of us, just a jury-rigged fish.”
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