Unbiblical Fantasy—Now Being Promoted in Classrooms!

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I recently published a blog post about the new Noah movie from Paramount Pictures. Now, I’ve made my views on this pagan film no secret, including through a recent video review. I viewed the film when it opened, and as I wrote about it in my prior blog post, it was a quite disgusting and evil movie. I wasn’t prepared for how bad Darren Aronofsky’s film really was in regard to how it represented Noah and the God of creation.

I have been saddened and surprised that a number of Christian leaders have been encouraging people to see this unbiblical movie, as a way to supposedly “start discussions” about the Bible. But this film is so grossly pagan, and so contrary to the Word of God (and not to mention boring), that I can’t imagine what kind of discussion would be sparked, except a serious critique of how little biblical content there was in the film’s storyline. A Christian would have to spend so much time explaining how wrong the movie was, that I just can’t see this as conducive to presenting the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. Besides, the Hollywood Noah doesn’t present the gospel and doesn’t show humans that they are sinners in need of salvation through Christ. I just don’t see how it could be a tool for evangelism.

There is, however, something positive to come out of this Hollywood movie. Because it had so much publicity, over 750,000 people have now seen the “Noah” movie produced by Ray Comfort of Living Waters, called Noah and the Last Days. This movie honors God’s Word and the gospel. More and more Christians are realizing that this is the Noah movie that young people and adults should see—not the Hollywood travesty.

You can view Ray Comfort’s powerful movie at noahthemovie.com.

You can also purchase Ray’s video (or download it) and receive a free copy of my new video titled Creation and the Last Days. I urge you to obtain these videos and spread the true account about Noah, the Ark, and the global Flood.

Now, as well as the Hollywood Noah movie and its massive content issues, there is another reason to be alarmed over this unbiblical movie. Recently, a supporter in Georgia sent me some classroom materials that had been mailed to his Christian school. These materials, from the company Young Minds Inspired, give teachers ideas and worksheets for how to incorporate the Noah film into English Language Arts curricula!

In these materials, students are expected to view the Noah film (presumably on classroom time) and compare and contrast it with the account of Noah and the global Flood in Genesis. But, they are told that the Noah movie “brings to life this epic tale and the lessons we can learn from it.” Really? What lessons does the movie attempt to teach viewers? Well, that humans are blights on the earth was one—an idea that contradicts what the Bible says about humans being made in the image of God in Genesis 1. Another lesson the film attempts to teach is that God is not necessarily good. He must be an ogre, for in this piece of fiction, He told Noah to kill his grandchildren so the human race would be eliminated!

Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, noted in his review of Noah that the message of this movie, especially in regard to how it handles the character of God, is the main problem:

But the odd elements are not the problem, the movie’s message is. Furthermore, the way that message distorts the Genesis account is a far larger problem when it becomes clear that the misrepresentation extends to the master narrative of the Bible—including the character of God.
In the movie, humans are portrayed as a sort of affliction on the earth. It’s really a message about extreme environmentalism, taken so far, that Noah himself becomes some sort of psychopath who tries to murder infants on the Ark in order to end the human race. But the Bible’s message is as different as the east is from the west! The Bible reveals that man, who is made is God’s image, is fallen and sinful. And because of the extreme sinfulness of humans, God sends the global Flood as a judgment, but He instructs Noah to build an Ark—an Ark of salvation. Noah’s Ark in essence is a picture of Jesus. As Noah and his family had to go through a door to be saved, so we need to go through a door—and that door is Jesus.

Jesus said, “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture” (John 10:9).

Students are asked in these worksheets to “think about how you have always imagined Noah based on your reading of the Bible” and then to compare him with the Noah of the film. They are asked how they think Noah’s message would change if he were building the Ark today. The problem is this: the biblical account and Aronofsky’s film are not even teaching the same message! There is no comparison! If you want your children or students to know the account of Noah and the Flood, share the history found in the book of Genesis—the only truly reliable source.

I just can’t see how a Christian could use the Hollywood movie as a basis for witnessing to people. A believer would have to spend a long time explaining that just about everything in the movie does not fit with Scripture! What a waste of time! There are many more powerful ways to witness to people—and we don’t need Hollywood to provide us with tools to do so!

I encourage you to visit AiG’s Noah movie page for more articles and reviews on the new film. Share them with your family, friends, church leaders, and your children’s Christian school teachers.

Again, I also urge you to obtain the Comfort/Ham package, Noah and the Last Days.

And/or view the Ray Comfort video online at noahthemovie.com.

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