New Billboards Proclaim the Real Noah

by Ken Ham on April 6, 2014

“Meet the Real Noah”—that’s the message that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people this weekend (and also on Monday) on strategically placed billboards in Hollywood/Los Angeles and Times Square in New York City.

The new boards are designed not only to counter the anti-biblical Noah film that Paramount Studios released nine days ago, but also to draw attention to the Creation Museum’s excellent displays about the reality of Noah’s Flood and Noah’s Ark—and the fact that all children 12 and under come free to our museum this year with at least one paying adult.

Here is how our “Meet the Real Noah” billboard looks this weekend in Times Square:

"Meet the Real Noah" Billboard

I encourage you to read our lead article on the AiG website today about these wonderful new boards, where you will also find out where you can see our Noah banner ads on various websites. For our detailed movie review of Noah and to watch our video review of the film, go to

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