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In response to the shocking unbiblical Hollywood “Noah” movie, AiG has launched an advertising campaign to let people know that they can bring their kids free to the Creation Museum this year—and learn the truth about Noah, the Ark, and the Flood.  Our marketing agents have spent many hours working with me and others at AiG over the past couple of days to make this program happen.  Putting a wide advertising campaign together like this—and so quickly—is no easy task!  But we really have been burdened to do our best to counter the new “Noah” movie and its attacks on Scripture.

We decided on an advertising program that coincides with this weekend, the second weekend of the showing of this Paramount movie—a film which attacks the character of God and the character of Noah. (See our detailed movie review at

We want kids (and everyone else) to learn the truth of God’s Word and the gospel, beginning in Genesis—and to learn the true account of Noah, the Ark, and the Flood.

So, beginning this weekend, billboards, banner ads, and other advertising will direct people to, and will appear at the following locations:

  • New York City,  42nd Street & 8th Ave (near Times Square) – April 5–7: a large billboard with three rotating images
  • Los Angeles—Hollywood area: 11 digital billboards around Los Angeles that started last evening will run through April 7
  • On various websites, we will post ads like the following:Hollywood1
  • On, a “hover ad” will appear upon landing at the homepage, and a mobile ad as well. Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 4.18.19 PM
  • On, two “banner ads” at the top of its homepage.  Both ads will link to Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.25.23 AM
  • On, constantly featured on their home page for a day early next week and also an E-Blast to their subscribers.
 At the Creation Museum, the spectacular exhibits we have on Noah’s Ark, Noah the man,  and the Flood are some of the most popular displays at the Creation Museum.  These various Flood-related exhibits begin with an animatronic Methuselah (not the  bizarre witch doctor Methuselah of the Hollywood “Noah” movie) who preaches a great message about the coming Flood, and his grandson Noah.

Then you will walk into an area where you will see a number of animatronic people (including Noah and his family), and a massive exhibit feature that’s a 1% section of the Ark (you can walk through it). Then you walk into the Voyage Room and see outstanding dioramas featuring the Ark and Noah’s family—and then meet a very life-like animatronic Noah.  You can ask him questions too—and he will give verbal answers.  It’s a very high-tech exhibit.

After you spend time in the Voyage Room you move into the Flood Geology Room.  There are many exhibits and dioramas in this large room discussing the geology of the Flood—the Grand Canyon—Mount St. Helens —plus an exhibit on natural selection, etc.  Also, on Memorial Day weekend this year, we will open another spectacular exhibit, and it is being constructed in this Flood Geology area.  This new exhibit will feature the world-class dinosaur fossil (a large allosaur) we were donated last year.

Yes—you will not only learn the true account of Noah and the Flood at the Creation Museum (instead of the fictional Hollywood account that features Noah as a homicidal maniac), but you can also be challenged concerning God’s Word and its saving gospel message.

For more on the museum’s KIDS FREE program this year, go to

Find out more about the Creation Museum exhibits—and take a virtual tour and see the Ark Construction sites and Noah—at

And we are excited to announce that—for a limited time only—we will include a code for free digital downloads of Noah and the Last Days (for ages 12 and up) featuring Ray Comfort and The Answers Book for Kids, Volume 2 with any online purchase of an adult general admission ticket to the Creation Museum. Furthermore, the Noah and the Last Days video includes a bonus video download by Ken Ham, Creation and the Last Days. You can get these free downloads, the free kids admission to the museum, and faith-building answers, so come this year and bring as many kids as you can. We had 2,000 people at the museum yesterday, and expect the same number today, praise God!

And please pray for the advertising campaign going on this weekend, including billboards near Hollywood and in New York City.  We believed it important to do our best to encourage people to learn the truth about Noah and the account in the Bible.

And Spread the Word: Meet the Real Noah at the Creation Museum!

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