Grand Canyon Raft Trips Still Available!

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Every year, Answers in Genesis partners with Canyon Ministries to offer rafting trips through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. Our speakers and the guides at Canyon Ministries give the biblical perspective on the formation of Grand Canyon, which stands as a testimony of the global Flood of Noah’s day.

And there are still open spots on most of our trips!

This year, we have four unforgettable trips to choose from, all guided by Jon Albert, executive director of Canyon Ministries. Various speakers and friends of AiG will be leading the trips, including Dr. Andrew Snelling, AiG director of research and geologist; Dr. Georgia Purdom, AiG speaker and molecular geneticist; Dr. John Whitmore, associate professor of geology at Cedarville University; Dr. Danny Faulker, AiG’s newest speaker and astronomer; and Dr. Bill Barrick, professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, who will be teaching on the Foundation in Genesis college trip.

Dr. Purdom’s trip (May 17–20) will have a special emphasis on the biology of the Grand Canyon, while Dr. Snelling’s expertise is in geology—especially geologic evidences that confirm the Bible’s account of the global Flood!

On these trips, you’ll enjoy beautiful sights, great food, and fellowship. Participants will travel on the river, take day hikes, and explore points of interest along the river. You’ll even see how “the heavens declare the glory of God” by night (Psalm 19:1)!

I’ve taken one of these raft trips, and it was an incredible experience I won’t forget. So I urge you not to miss out on these spectacular tours of God’s handiwork. Visit the raft trip page and reserve your spot today!

Cosmos TV series—a PhD Astronomer Reacts

Do you remember that when I debated Bill Nye “the Science Guy” at the Creation Museum last month that I emphasized the difference between observational science and historical science? Now I bring it up again in the context of the new TV series Cosmos. On our website today we have an article by our astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner, who differentiates between testable, observable, repeatable science versus claims that are based on worldviews and not the scientific method. Dr. Faulkner claims that Cosmos confuses the scientific method with evolutionary assumptions that the series presents as facts.

Also in his article today, Dr. Faulkner points out the errors in episode one of Cosmos, including how secularists have grossly misrepresented what happened between the scientist Giordano Bruno and the Roman Catholic Church.

I also encourage you to visit our website every Tuesday over the next three months as we review this new 13-part TV series Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey—which, after watching episode one, seems will be filled with cosmological and biological evolution.  It’s being shown in more than 70 countries (in the USA it’s on many networks like the Fox Channel and the National Geographic Channel), and so it will have some impact on the creation/evolution debate as millions will watch the series. Read our first review and get equipped to defend the Christian faith starting with Genesis. And check out Dr. Faulkner’s Cosmos-related article today.

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