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Before I headed off to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the National Religious Broadcasters annual convention—and also to pick up a media award for AiG at the convention—I had the opportunity to meet with a couple visiting our Creation Museum from my home state of Queensland, Australia. The Leggatts have been in America visiting family. Elaine Leggatt is originally from New York City, but moved to Australia 50 years ago with her family as missionaries. Ross is a retired civil engineer. I met the couple back in 1998 when I was on a speaking tour of Australia.

Here is a photo taken of the Leggatts with me, next to our homology exhibit inside the Creation Museum:

Photo of the Leggatts with Ken Ham.

Ross wrote the following to me the next day:

Ken, thanks for taking the time to greet Elaine and me at the museum. To be honest the museum exceeded our expectations. For me it helped answer many questions that, to now, were simply accepted on faith, but if asked I think I might have had trouble giving a credible answer.
The day they were here, my brother David and his wife Thelly of Australia also toured the museum—they have been on a vacation in the United States and just flew back to Australia.

I am surprised at how many people from my homeland continue to visit the museum—I would say almost as many people from “Down Under” are traveling here as we see coming from the United Kingdom, which is a much closer flight to our Cincinnati-area museum. Also, on the same day that the Leggatts and Hams were here, a family from the Baltic country of Estonia visited the museum and met with me.

Speaking in Australia in March

I will be speaking in Australia in March while Mally and I visit our two elderly parents. My itinerary is to be found at this link.

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