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I continue to hear great feedback about the debate I had with Bill Nye on February 4 at our Creation Museum. While I am thrilled to know that over 10 million people (conservatively) have watched the debate—and many more recently because it has been airing on C-Span TV a few times—what excites me as much as anything are the emails, Facebook postings, and letters that continue to come into our offices about the debate.  It is especially great to hear from Christian leaders, who have told us that they have used the debate to teach apologetics to their people and how they have reached out to their community by hosting a live stream of the debate as an evangelistic outreach. Indeed, I presented the gospel message a few times during the debate.

Here is a letter from Dan Anderson, president of Appalachian Bible College in Mt. Hope, West Virginia (south of Charleston), who told us that about 500 students and residents of his community watched the debate live on the ABC campus:

Dear Mark,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated the opportunity to live stream the debate on our campus. I praise the Lord for an excellent attendance as we opened our Chapel facility and encouraged our community guests to join us. We were so honored to support this activity and to promote the Biblical approach to origins.

Please convey our appreciation to Ken for undertaking this assignment. It was a blessing to know that God used his clear testimony for the Lord not only to defend the truth of creation, but to powerfully communicate the Gospel. I am so honored to identify him as a friend of our ministry and a testimony of standing for Truth in our world today.

God bless you for all that you do to facilitate the ministry of Answers in Genesis. It’s a blessing to know of your impact for the Lord and to have occasions to participate with you. Do pray for us. Pray the Lord of Harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest field …

Because Life is for Service,

His Slave,


Find out more about this solidly creationist college by going to

To watch my debate with Bill Nye, and to read rebuttals of all of his arguments that I simply ran out of time to refute in my five-minute rebuttal time, go to

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