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by Ken Ham on February 9, 2014

Tuesday was a historic day for the ministry of Answers in Genesis and our high-tech Creation Museum. Famed engineer, scientist, comedian, author, and inventor Bill Nye and I debated the question: “Is creation a viable model for explaining the origins of the universe?” Even before the debate started, the event garnered much international attention among believers and skeptics alike.

From the opening remarks of the debate, it was apparent which worldview each man was presenting. Of course, I started with the point that every Christian must start with the Word of God. If the Bible is truly the infallible, inerrant revelation from God to man, then we must trust the history that is foundational to the interpretation of the world around us. As Christians we are able to present our beliefs regarding origins and science with absolute confidence and clarity because it is completely consistent with the character of God. I made a distinction between the ideas of historical science and observational science and showed how a person’s beliefs about the past influence the interpretation of things in the present.

Sadly, many Christians are not equipped to handle the secular attacks against the Bible, especially issues dealing with origins and the book of Genesis. That’s where we as a ministry come alongside the local church in equipping believers to answer the skeptical questions of the age and present the gospel with power and authority.

You should consider holding one of our Bible-affirming conferences in your church. These apologetics meetings—for ages 12 and up (some meetings even have a children’s program)—are geared towards equipping the church to defend the Christian faith, establish the authority of God’s Word in this increasingly secularized culture, and present the gospel message more effectively.  AiG’s speakers are highly qualified to speak on a range of biblical and scientific topics, all associated with relating Genesis to biblical authority, the gospel, and the Christian worldview, such as the following topics:

  • Why is our Western world declining from a Christian perspective?
  • What is the Bible’s answer to the origin of “races” and what’s the solution to racism?
  • Where did Cain get his wife?
  • How do dinosaurs fit into biblical history? Were they on the Ark?
  • Do dating methods prove the earth is old?
  • Can Christian believe in millions of years?
  • How can there be a loving God with death and suffering the world?
These questions (and many others) are asked of Christians every day, and they often form part of an attack on the authority of God’s Word.

We encourage you to visit this link and obtain more information in regards to hosting an Answers in Genesis conference at your church.

In the Dominican Republic—and Live Streamed

Today my message at a morning worship service in the island nation of the Dominican Republic was streamed live at 9 AM eastern time (10 AM in the Dominican Republic) via There will be another live stream of my talks at another D.R. location on Monday and Tuesday—which can also be seen at the same link. Find out more at My talks will be translated into Spanish with the translation being in real time. Let your Spanish-speaking friends know about this outreach that continues through Tuesday and encourage them to watch as many Bible-upholding sessions as they can.

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