What Are People Saying About the Debate?

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Since my debate with Bill Nye on February 4, there have been numerous articles and criticisms published about our presentations. Some have tried to declare a winner, others have said that Mr. Nye should never have come to the debate, and even some professing Christians have declared their support for evolutionary ideas.

Today’s lead article at answersingenesis.org, written by Steve Golden, a writer and researcher on staff at Answers in Genesis, covers just some of the media reactions to the debate. I’ve included the beginning paragraphs below:

The debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye “the Science Guy” on February 4 has evoked some strong and incredibly mixed reactions from the media, atheist bloggers, and Christians. We estimate that at least five million viewers have watched the evolution/creation debate, held at the Creation Museum. Viewership continues to grow as people watch the archived video on debatelive.org and through our YouTube channel. Mr. Nye and Ken sparred in what has been described as a cordial yet spirited debate in front of a live audience that braved a winter storm. At least 13,000 groups watched a live stream in a public venue.

With 70 media outlets present and so many attendees and viewers, there was no doubt that there would be a myriad of articles and interviews—each declaring a debate winner or offering critiques of Nye’s and Ken’s presentations. As with any debate, neither Ken nor Mr. Nye expected to change the other’s mind. Both were concerned about communicating their positions clearly and encouraging critical thinking in those who watched the debate. And, from what we at Answers in Genesis have observed, that’s exactly what has happened.

I urge you to visit AnswersInGenesis.org and read all of Steve’s article. Also, if you haven’t pre-ordered your DVD of the debate, please visit debatelive.org and place your order today! This makes a great gift for friends and family who may need to hear the gospel or who already believe but have doubts about biblical creation.

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