We Must All Be Reminded What’s at Stake

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Last night, my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” was held at the Creation Museum. We both presented our cases and defended our positions—I stood on the infallible Word of God, while Nye stood for man’s fallible ideas. But at one point during the debate, Nye made a profound statement. He said, “And I just want to close by reminding everybody what’s at stake here.” Now, Bill Nye and I both realize what’s at stake here—it’s the next generation.

We all need to be reminded that the world seeks to capture our children’s hearts and minds. By giving them a foundation in God’s Word—beginning with the very first pages of Scripture—we can equip our children to stand against the Genesis 3 attacks of our day. I think the debate clearly highlighted the importance of presenting biblical creation as a way of removing roadblocks to the gospel for the next generation.

Steve Golden, a writer and researcher in staff at Answers in Genesis, has written a post-debate analysis, and it’s the lead article on our website today. I’ve included the introductory paragraphs below.

Few events in the history of the creation/evolution issue have garnered as much attention from the public as Ken Ham’s debate last night with Bill Nye “The Science Guy” at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. The publication of Whitcomb and Morris’s classic book The Genesis Flood in the 1960s started the modern creation movement. The hundreds of well-attended evolution/creation public debates and seminars in the 1970s and ‘80s fueled the movement, while the opening of Answers in Genesis’s Creation Museum in 2007 brought new national and international attention to the creation/evolution issue.

Last night’s debate—watched by an estimated three plus million people at debatelive.org—was another historic moment for the creation movement. In fact, the debate was the number one trending topic on Facebook hours before it began, and it exploded on Twitter.

The debate question was, “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” As such, it was different than the famous evolution/creation debates of decades ago, when evolution was essentially on trial.

Ken won the coin toss and opted to speak first. With a packed-out Legacy Hall—including two college presidents, a U.S. congressman, and a prominent seminary president—Foreman made his introductory remarks and the debate began.

I urge you to visit answersingenesis.org and to read Steve’s entire article on the debate. And I also encourage you to tune in to my live post-debate discussion with Dr. Georgia Purdom tonight at 8:00 PM eastern time. For more information, visit debatelive.org/answers.

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