Putting Hands Where Our Head and Heart Are Directed

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Everyone who knows Answers in Genesis recognizes that we believe if people can hear the gospel presented in the context of biblical history, it will help them to truly understand not just what the gospel is but why they need it. Recently, our Answers Worldwide team had an exciting training session with the teams of the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) and the Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) to discuss how they will deliver nearly 200,000 AiG tracts—in different languages—that present the gospel in the biblical context.

We are so privileged to be working with these great organizations that are concerned about bringing both help and hope through gospel-based mercy ministry to hurting people. Many of the people who will be ministered to by these tracts are oral learners. Understanding this, Answers in Genesis designed these tracts to be beautifully illustrated so that people will be able to better remember the content of the written dialogue that is spoken to them. Most oral-learning communities are very good at both remembering content and reciting it back. The tracts are designed so that this replication might happen.

Here’s how it all works. As each pack of English tracts is purchased through Answers in Genesis, it funds the purchase of a pack of tracts in another language. Currently the tracts are translated into Spanish, Russian, Thai, and French. CHF and SGA will distribute food parcels and other help through local churches in each of the areas they are ministering in. This represents dozens of countries. They are training all people in the delivery process to actually read out the tracts with each of the recipients, helping them to understand how the pictures relate to the dialogue. Every tract has a very clear gospel message.

There is even better news: you can be a part of this mission. By purchasing our English and Spanish tracts, you will be buying the same amount of tracts for distribution in other countries to people who may never have heard the gospel. Not only this, but they will be getting some basic answers about the world we live in so that they can see how the gospel directly impacts their position before their Creator. The tracts are child friendly, yet they are written in a way that will relate to all ages.

For us at Answers in Genesis, this is about putting our worldview into action. If we believe that there is only one “race” and that all of us are created in the image of God, then we must have sincere compassion for every human being. If every person is a sinner in Adam, then our compassion must be realized, not only in feeding a mouth, but desiring to see that the person is fed by the gospel for all eternity. This is about putting our hands where our head and heart are directed.

Just think about it: you could be part of an ongoing, worldwide, gospel-centered, creation-apologetics mercy ministry just by buying tracts and giving them out in your own language. How about buying a couple of packs today? People need answers that lead to Jesus. You can buy the packs on the online store, and see this page for more information on this ministry.

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