Conspiracy Theories Abound

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Since the tickets to the debate with Bill Nye and me sold out just two minutes after being offered yesterday, many secular bloggers and people commenting on their blogs have referred to this quick ticket sell-out with all sorts of conspiracy theories:

  • AiG supposedly stacked the deck with creationists so that no evolutionists could attend the debate.
  • AiG will be asking for an ID when people collect their tickets so we can allegedly eliminate evolutionists.
  • When the DVD of the event is produced, we will edit it in our favor.
And so the conspiracy theories abound.

I wrote a lead article for the AiG website today about these ridiculous accusations—once again illustrating that those people who claim we don’t do real scientific research are actually the ones who don’t do research. Instead they shoot from the hip because of their anti-creationist agenda and become totally illogical.

My article begins with the following:

AiG must have a very secret computer room—so secret that even I don’t know about it. In this room, sophisticated computer programmers have somehow managed to figure out a way for the AiG website to sense whether a person online is an atheist or creationist. Yes, when an atheist is cleverly detected by this remarkable technological breakthrough, they are immediately flagged, and they can be stopped from going any further into our website. Apparently, this advanced technology was applied for the first time yesterday, when several hundred tickets to the Creation Museum debate between Bill Nye and me on February 4 went on sale (and sold out in two minutes). Our advanced technology locked atheists out of purchasing tickets so that only creationists could attend the debate next month!

Of course, the kind of technology above is, as we say in Australia, a load of nonsense! But it seems there are atheists who must believe we have a computer program in place that can somehow detect secularists and block them out. We just had to shake our heads when we read many comments on atheist blogs about the tickets to the debate being sold out in 120 seconds! By the way, a few days earlier the AiG website crashed after receiving a record number of visitors in one day (last week after announcing the Bill Nye debate), and our web team had to work feverishly to ensure that much more web traffic could flow smoothly to our site. The AiG website can now handle even more traffic—and more advanced technical changes are on the way.

I encourage you to read the rest of the article.

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