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Evolutionists Running Scared

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The anti-creationist website Panda’s Thumb has an item about the upcoming debate between Bill Nye (the “Science Guy” of TV fame) and me. AiG released information about this February 4 debate yesterday on our website.

It didn’t take long before social media went nuts when Christians and non-Christians began to find out about this debate.

But there is a common thread through the social media posts from secularists others—they want Bill Nye to cancel. Why? Well read this post on the Panda’s Thumb website:

Bill Nye to debate Ken Ham?!

Let us hope not, but a reader just sent me the following from Mr. Ham’s Facebook page:

‘Well the big news for 2014 as we begin this new year is that in February, at the Creation Museum, I will be debating the well known Bill Nye The Science Guy! In the next day or so we will post more details including how you can buy tickets to this event. It’s quite rare these days for such a well known evolutionist to publicly debate a creationist–so we do expect a lot of media interest. For now, I just wanted to let you know about this–keep watch for details!’

If it is true, I sincerely hope Mr. Nye will reconsider. There is nothing to debate, and a “debate” with Mr. Nye will only give Mr. Ham credibility that he does not deserve and increase not only his visibility but also his ability to attract investors. May I suggest that Mr. Nye take his cue from the noted Holocaust scholar, Deborah Lipstadt, who told the magazine Limmud,

‘If Limmud’s organisers invited Lipstadt to participate in a panel discussion with [Holocaust denier David] Irving, she would refuse point blank. “I don’t debate Holocaust deniers. Putting him on a panel would mean someone lost their mind. He’s a liar – why give a liar a platform?”’

I sometimes bowdlerize that to “I do not debate liars,” and it is a policy I recommend to anyone who is tempted to “debate” a creationist. Whether you win or lose, you will convince no one and will only add to the prominence of your opponent, who can now say, “See, I debated a prominent scientist; I must be taken seriously now.”

Please, Mr. Nye, do not “debate” with Ken Ham or any other charlatan. No good will come of it – no good can come of it.

Yes, it’s sad to read the ignorant, mocking, and attacking comments that were posted to this item. But it does illustrate the hatred many of these secularists have for Christians.

You see, the atheists are actually insecure in their beliefs. Not only that, but atheists in many ways have managed to censor information concerning creation from the public—they have been involved in getting legislation to protect the teaching of evolution in public schools and thus stop students from even hearing about creation. These secularists do not want people hearing about the evidence that confirms the creation account in the Bible.

Now that a well-respected personality like Bill Nye will be debating me on the origins topic, many of these atheists are worried. They just do not want people to hear such a debate! But why would they be so worried if it is so obvious that evolution is true?

I must admit that we were surprised at how quickly social media took the release of the debate information and made it go viral. Our website visits hit a record yesterday and overwhelmed our site for a while. Our technical staff had to work hard to solve this “problem.”

Tickets will go on sale for the debate on Monday—keep watch on the AiG website for the announcement.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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