Should Your Kids Be “Walking with Dinosaurs”?

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Can kids tell the difference between fiction and truth?


Here’s the problem.  Most kids today attend public schools, where they are taught fiction (evolution) as fact!  Then they go to see a movie at a theater such as the new film Walking with Dinosaurs, which they know is made up (fiction)—but at the beginning the movie presents the same fiction (evolution) they are taught at school!

So even though kids may know the movie is just fiction, the fiction of evolution taught to them as fact in most schools (and through many television programs/documentaries on PBS, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, etc.) is reinforced by such movies.

Do you really want your kids going to this new movie?

Two AiG researchers went to see this movie on its opening day yesterday to write this short review for me for my blog (a more in-depth review will soon be written for the AiG website):
The film Walking with Dinosaurs, based on the 1999 BBC 6-part mini-series of the same name, premiered on Friday, 20 December. The film appears to be intended for children (even young children) through adults.

Walking with Dinosaurs mentions millions of years and evolution very early on.  The movie begins in the present day as a bird lands near a teenage boy and explains to him that the bird’s ancestors are dinosaurs. He then begins to tell the story of one of his ancestors, 70 million years ago.

The film is set in what evolutionists call the Late Cretaceous period—and the influence of evolutionary ideas is evident in the way the dinosaurs are portrayed. The Troodon, Hesperonychus, and Chirostenotes are all feathered dinosaurs that appear in the film. On many occasions Answers in Genesis has responded to the claims that dinosaurs had feathers. One of the more recent responses can be found on our website. But there’s no evidence that dinosaurs had feathers. Such claims are just the evolutionists’ way of making the evolutionary story seem true. They so want kids to believe in evolution,  this claim of dinosaurs having feathers is made very often in our day—through movies, museums, books, newspaper articles, documentaries, etc.

Another disturbing element of Walking with Dinosaurs that our researchers mentioned was the repeated scatological (scatological means:  study of feces) humor and references to “butts” throughout the film. It seemed to be the primary form of humor that the writers used. Of course, aside from the evolutionary content, Christian families may not want their children exposed to such humor, and may wish to avoid seeing Walking with Dinosaurs for that reason.

Films like this are part of the reason why the Creation Museum has started the new Kids Come Free 2014 campaign. With one paying adult, all accompanied children 12 and under can get into the museum for free, starting next year.

AiG in Theaters

And because we knew that a secular fictional movie on dinosaurs would present evolution as fact to millions of kids, AiG worked with our marketing agents to run advertisements before the showing of Walking with Dinosaurs in a number of strategic movie theaters in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky (within around a two-hour drive of the Creation Museum), to promote our kids come free to the Creation Museum in 2014.  We do pray that those parents who do take their kids to see this movie (that, by the way, has received poor reviews even in the secular world) would be convicted to bring their kids to the Creation Museum in 2014 to the learn the truth about dinosaurs.

Here is the video advertisement being played before the movie in theaters mentioned in the region above:

I encourage you to visit and watch for the full review of Walking with Dinosaurs that will be posted sometime in the next week, so that you and your family will have the biblical perspective on this film.

You will notice that we used a dinosaur illustration in our video advertisement that promotes our museum’s “Kids Are Free in 2014” outreach.  Why? Well, to counter the secularists, who use dinosaurs as an icon for evolution.  Evolutionists have highly promoted the supposed “dinosaur age” of  millions of years ago, and they have created an awe and mystery around dinosaurs within their evolutionary belief system.  And because some of the dinosaurs (not many, though) were quite large, kids are fascinated by them.  I have learned that evolutionists hate it when biblical creationists use dinosaurs—they act as if they own dinosaurs and creationists  have no right to use them.  Now at the Creation Museum we have quite a number of dinosaur models, including animatronic dinosaurs, and also a special two-story Dinosaur Den exhibit.  In 2013, we opened a fascinating museum exhibit on dragons and dinosaurs, where we ask a question, “Were dinosaurs dragons?”  As we’ve said many times, “We’ve taken dinosaurs back” (i.e., from the evolutionists). We have put dinosaurs in the correct context of biblical history.  Our major dinosaur exhibits are another reason to bring kids to the Creation Museum in 2014.

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