More Christianity-Mocking Atheist Billboards

by Ken Ham on December 23, 2013

A recent article in the Christian Post website reports that some rejected atheist billboards will now run in the Vancouver (Canada) metro system, as well as on one billboard. The article states the following:

An atheist advertising campaign that was previously rejected by a major billboard company in Canada has found its home in the Vancouver metro system.
The Centre for Inquiry in Canada has been trying to start a billboard campaign, but their billboard ads were rejected by the largest billboard company in the country. These ads are flagrant attacks on the Word of God, mimicking the Bible only to mock the idea that God gave us morality or that we need His laws.



One of the billboards directly attacks the Bible, telling people to “lead with your heart. Not with your bible”—intentionally not capitalizing Bible! These billboards are a direct attack on the authority of Scripture.

Now, another billboard campaign started in Sacramento, California, headed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. A local news agency reported, “Saint and her atheist organization are putting up 55 billboards around Sacramento . . . to promote another option during the month of December.”

The billboards, so they claim, are just intended for atheists to share what they believe—not to challenge the beliefs of Christians:

“Christmas time, we have Jesus stories come out right and left. So it is a good time to let fellow non-believers know it is OK to be an atheist,” said Judy Saint, Freedom From Religion Foundation.
The billboards say things like “Believe in yourself” and “No gods, no devils, no worries.”

But you see, these billboards—as well as the ones in Canada—demonstrate a fundamental problem: they’re focused on making man the authority, not God. And really, that’s the basic message of atheism. Atheists believe there is no purpose in life, no meaning or reason for existence—so why not just “believe in yourself” and lift up your own ideas in authority over the Word of God?

The message of atheism absolutely is an attack on the truth of God’s Word. Atheists want to convert everyone to their religion, and they want to make their own rules. And this is why they are so intolerant of Christianity. Their worldview of moral relativism is in conflict with a worldview of absolutes based on the absolute authority of God’s Word. I find that these people become very intolerant—they only tolerate beliefs they have decided to have.

Now, Christians certainly want to see people converted to Christianity, but Christians allow freedom of religion, not like the intolerant atheists who increasingly want freedom for their religion only.

I encourage you to be boldly and publicly proclaiming the gospel and standing up for the truth of God’s Word. And pray for these atheists, that they might hear the gospel, and repent and believe before it’s too late.

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Steve Golden assisted in the writing of this blog post.

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