It’s Definitely a Small (and Young) World!

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Not only is the earth a young world, as the Bible teaches, but a small one as the saying goes. Of all the people I know, the phrase “it’s a small world” applies to Mark Looy of our staff as much as anyone. His travels and frequent interaction with people have made it possible for AiG to connect to so many Christian leaders, friends of the ministry, and countless media.

This really hit home recently when Mark and I were chatting in our offices, and a couple, Bill and Judy Coon of Long Beach, California, were walking through.

Bill and Judy flew all the way from California (over 2,000 miles each way) to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary here at the museum! One of our staff members who was escorting them through the AiG offices thought it would be good for Mark and me to say hello to these AiG supporters who were walking by. Before you know it, Mark recognized their last name, and he asked if they might be from California. You see, Mark recalled a teacher at his small Christian school with the same last name. Bill replied that it was his mother who was that teacher, and lo and behold Bill attended the same small school as Mark, Brethren High School! Small world.

Here is what Bill and Judy wrote to Mark after their visit:

Judy and I had such a great time at the Creation Museum to celebrate our 54th anniversary. Patrice got us to meet Ken and you—what a special encounter. Thank you for your gracious spirit during that interruption in your discussion with Ken. We appreciated so much the opportunity to have a few minutes to talk. It was great to find out we both graduated from Brethren High School.

We were so excited to have the opportunity to visit the Ark Encounter site with Andy the day after we met you. We certainly hope to come to the Ark when it opens. Here are some photos taken during our time at the Creation Museum and the Ark site:

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National Bible Bee in Tennessee

AiG is pleased to promote the National Bible Bee each year. For the fifth year, families will be gathering from around the nation for this Bible-based Bee. The families of the top 120 contestants in each of the three age categories will meet in Sevierville, Tennessee, to celebrate God’s Word as they speak (from memory) passages they have been memorizing since the beginning of the summer. They will also be tested on their general Bible knowledge and on their study of the books of Ephesians and 1 John. While they are competing for prizes and awards, the National Bible Bee is centered on promoting family discipleship founded firmly on the Bible and pointing everyone to the hope we have in Christ. AiG will offer Creation Museum discount vouchers to all participants, and the top five winners in each of the three age categories will receive some wonderful AiG resources as awards.

Roger Patterson of AiG’s Educational Resources Department will be there representing AiG by presenting awards and running a booth to promote the Creation Museum and our popular, exciting Sunday school program Answers Bible Curriculum. Not only that, but two of Roger’s children are competing in the national contest. We will be looking forward to a report on the event, which takes place this week, Wednesday through Saturday.

AiG is pleased to be a sponsor of this event and encourages everyone to become involved in this great program. If you would like to join in the celebration, you can travel to Sevierville (at the northern end of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains or watch the events on the live webcast). You can find all of those details and more information about the National Bible Bee at

I have just gotten back from Bolivia after a series of great speaking events with huge crowds—see yesterday’s blog post with photos. Then in a few days it’s off to the UK for more speaking. Busy days, so please pray for these outreaches.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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