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I love to share testimonies to encourage you regarding the impact of the ministry of AiG. Here are a couple that Dr. Andrew Snelling (Director of Research, AiG) received recently:

A Swiss gentleman wrote the following:

Yesterday evening we went to have dinner with some colleagues from work. One man—he has a doctor-degree in microbiology (the Nestlé plant I work for “produces” about 80 tons of microorganisms per year)—was quite astonished to hear clear answers from the Bible on scientific questions. We also talked about the fact, that information in the DNA (or information at all) is neither mass nor energy and has to have an intelligent source, since information cannot become into being by random chance. All these answers I could not have given if I hadn’t had all the resources AiG makes available.
Also, a young professional geologist wrote this:
It was indeed wonderful to meet on the field trip.  It is humbling to hear that I could be an encouragement to you, because I was certainly blessed.  I have not had the time to dive into “Earth’s Catastrophic Past” [a two-volume book written by Dr. Snelling] just yet (I am working to finish a couple of reports on core drilling projects from this year), but I am reading articles and journals with a vigor that I have honestly NEVER had.  Whether it is reviewing results of crush strength tests for our different frac sand deposits or reading about depositional history here in the Blue Ridge, I am now first thinking of how the data supports a young earth model!
Dr. Andrew Snelling commented on the above testimony:
A bit of background will also help.  The gentleman from Switzerland was an international attendee at our Answers Mega Conference in July in Sevierville, Tennessee. He came to me with written questions translated from Russian for me to answer by email for a believer in Russia—a Tatar who is a construction worker in Bashkiria, 20 years a Christian, who attends a Baptist church.  His questions were on geology, creation, and the Flood. I have answered them for this Swiss supporter, who has sent them for translation into Russian before sending them to this man. I also sent details of the Foundations DVD series in Russian and contacts for him to obtain a copy.  So the AiG worldwide ministry is just that!

Foundations DVD Series in Russian

This is the cover of one of the Russian-language editions of the Foundations DVDs by Ken Ham.

The young geologist told me that he had strayed from the faith because he questioned the Bible due to his geology training. But his father had put my DVDs and other AiG literature in his hands, so that his faith was rescued and he now sees geology differently, as he says in his testimonial comments I quote above from his email.

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