Evolutionists Already Trying to Do “Damage Control”

by Ken Ham

I encourage you to read the following press release about the new movie Evolution vs. God produced by Ray Comfort of the ministry Living Waters. AiG will host the world premiere of this movie at the AiG Mega Conference later this month near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Evolution vs. God

Evolutionists are certainly aware that this movie is coming out. I’ve seen a number of their blogs that make all sorts of claims about the movie in their attempts to discredit it (even though they haven’t seen it yet)—it’s their attempt at “damage control.” Regardless of how well-done this movie is, the evolutionists will claim they were taken out of context, creationists don’t understand that evolution is happening, and it just requires time, etc.

As they usually do, the evolutionists in the film appeal to observable changes in living things as proof that evolution is happening. But these changes do not add brand-new information into the genes that is necessary to even begin proposing a molecules-to-man evolution. The bottom line is that molecules-to-man evolution is a lie and there is no observational scientific evidence that confirms it. On the contrary, observational science confirms the account of origins as given in Genesis.

I believe Evolution vs. God will do a lot of “damage” in the minds of many in the general public who have been indoctrinated to believe evolution is fact—which is why evolutionists are already scrambling to try to do “damage control.”

One of the unique aspects of this new movie is that no creationists were interviewed!

It will be very eye-opening for young people who have been brainwashed by their teachers to believe that evolution is fact. But see what happens when university students and professors are asked to defend this claim!

I encourage you to read this press release:

“Answers in Genesis to Host World Premiere of Movie that Exposes Evolution as Bogus Science”

A new movie that makes the bold claim that it debunks Darwinian evolution will be hosted by Answers in Genesis at their Answers Mega Conference on July 22 near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of AiG and the popular Creation Museum, said that the controversial movie “will rock the creation/evolution world!” And he’s not the only one to praise “Evolution vs. God.” Reviewers have responded similarly with statements such as, “Wow! Blew me away!!” (Randy Jones, Pres. Word of Truth, Dallas). Ron Fathauer (GospelCry Min) said, “Wow!!! I got goose bumps watching. Dawkins will have a cow.”

In a recent blog, Ham said, “I’ve seen the movie, and it’s excellent—it’s extremely well produced. In fact I’ve watched it a few times. Everyone needs to see it—every adult and every young person. This movie helps reveal like never before how millions of students are being conned into believing evolution by the ‘priests’ of the evolutionary religion. It will reveal just how bankrupt evolution is and that students and professors alike can’t defend their faith in evolution when challenged with simple but profound questions.”

Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the producer of Evolution vs. God.

Ray Comfort, the film’s executive producer added, “We love the people at Answers in Genesis, and we asked them to review ‘Evolution vs. God’ to make sure it was scientifically accurate. They loved it and only had a few minor suggestions. So having them host the world premiere is a great honor for us.”

Comfort added: “The movie is unique because we don’t interview any creationists. It shows that Darwinian evolution has no scientific basis, and it does so by going to the experts—to evolutionary scientists at UCLA and USC and holding their feet to the fire. If you believe in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken.”

Ray Comfort’s award-winning “180” has had over four million YouTube views, but many believe that “Evolution vs. God” will be much bigger. Comfort will fly out from California to be at the Mega Conference in Sevierville (near Knoxville, TN), July 22, 2013.

Details on how to register for the Answers Mega Conference can be found at: http://www.answersingenesis.org/outreach/answers-mega/

A promo of the movie can be seen on: http://www.evolutionvsGod.com

We trust that this movie will shake “the foundations of faith” in evolution and confirm our faith in the truth and authority of God’s Word.

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