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While I’ve been away in the West, our Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum staff members were treated to an enthusiastic presentation about our award-winning Answers magazine. During our regular Tuesday staff meeting, Mike Matthews, editor-in-chief of the magazine, and Dale Mason, vice president of media distribution, led the presentation showing our staff the mission of Answers magazine: to share the gospel with every reader. And we also found out that Answers is adding even more pages. But before you read about that change, let me give you a summary of Answers magazine and its mission. No other magazine comes close to the world’s leading creation apologetics and Christian worldview magazine—Answers magazine.

Here are photos of editor Mike Matthews as he presented to the AiG staff:

IMG_4029 IMG_4035

Now, the current issue focuses on design in God’s creation. In the articles, the writers present solid content on both animal and human design—all with an emphasis on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Answers Magazine cover image

Mike and Dale shared some of the new article topics with the staff, demonstrating the variety of topics Answers covers. For instance, in this issue there are articles on homeschooling, the brain, caving, jungle animals, and more.

Answers Magazine spread about the brain

The above spread comes from an article series on how our brain remembers things and how our eyes work, written by Dr. David DeWitt, a neuroscientist at Liberty University. As you can see, Answers magazine has high-quality illustrations and an appealing layout. In fact, the magazine won a variety of awards for these aspects from the Evangelical Press Association. The EPA has twice awarded the magazine its top award, the Award of Excellence.

Answers magazine award

The magazine is also relevant and timely. Recently, Hank Hanegraaff, host of the Bible Answer Man radio show, stated that he doesn’t believe there was a literal serpent in the Garden of Eden. He wrote in the Christian Research Journal (vol. 36, no. 2), “Eve was not deceived by a talking snake. Rather, Moses used the symbol of a snake to communicate the wiles of the Evil One who deceived Eve through mind-to-mind communication.” If the serpent was not actually in the garden tempting Eve, then what else in the Genesis account wasn’t actually there? Answers responds to this issue with great biblical teaching.

Devil Is in the Details spread for Answers magazine

To deal with this and other issues surrounding the presence of Satan in the garden, the above article deals with the various theological views and interpretations on the serpent. But, of course, the conclusion is obvious: we must take the Bible at its Word. If it says there was a serpent, then we can believe there was a serpent, because we have a God who does not lie.

Mike also shared that the magazine is undergoing a bit of a change—the next issue will have 16 additional pages! This permanent change will include several additional articles in the next issue, as well as all the issues after that. Our hope is to provide you and your family with an even more fact-filled, fun, biblical resource that you can use in your home for learning and growing in the knowledge of God’s world and His Word.

I urge you to subscribe to Answers today! Just visit the Answers magazine website at When you subscribe, you’ll be given access to the digital version of the magazine as well, with web-only exclusives and downloads for kids and subscribers. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource!

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