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Recently Dr. Terry Mortenson (AiG–U.S.) returned from a series of speaking engagements in the UK. While there he was able to spend time with my good friends, Drs.  Nagy and Nashwa Iskander—Egyptian-born doctors now living in Scotland. (For more information on the Iskander’s ministry in Scotland, see my blog post from earlier this year.)

Dr. Nagy Iskander and Dr. Fareed Zaki have produced a series of new TV programs in Arabic in order to reach people in the Arabic-speaking world with the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis and the gospel. Now, Dr. Zaki is a Christian psychiatrist who is in full-time ministry in Egypt and the Middle East. He visited the Creation Museum to attend the Answers for Pastors conference in 2011, and he is very committed to biblical creation.

You can see the high quality of the programs from the two-minute clip below (in Arabic). Even if you don’t speak Arabic, I encourage you to watch this clip to see the production standards of what is being done for Christianity to reach the Arabic-speaking people.

The Arabic creation program is recorded for broadcast on satellite TV and the internet. Each episode is 40 minutes, and Dr. Iskander and Dr. Zaki have already recorded 26 episodes. The program is very professionally done, with a high-quality set designed to resemble Noah’s Ark. The goal is to record 100 programs total.

The first 20 minutes features Dr. Zaki interviewing Dr. Iskander about various subjects in creation in front of a studio audience of 14 young people. The remaining 20 minutes is a question-and-answer time with the young people attending the recording session. The students ask deep, searching questions from Genesis 1 to 11.

I have been told that Dr. Iskander and Dr. Zaki are able to really go in-depth on subjects while still keeping them at a level that the average person can understand. When these programs start airing in the next few months, they will potentially reach 350 million people in the Arabic-speaking world. In July, people will be able to start watching online at

I urge you to pray that God will use these programs in a mighty way to strengthen the compromised churches in the Arabic-speaking world and also to call many to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. I also encourage you to share this video with those you may know who minister to Arabic-speaking peoples.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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