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This year’s theme (and through 2014) for the AiG ministry is “Standing our Ground, Rescuing our Kids,” based on Galatians 1:4. It’s one of the reasons we support something called the National Bible Bee in the USA. Earlier this month, registration began for the 2013 Bible Bee. This is a family discipleship program—with a competition at the end of the year—for students ages 7–18. Through the summer, families will be memorizing Scripture and studying God’s Word, preparing to be tested on their general Bible knowledge as well as a thorough inductive study of one book of the Bible (which hasn’t been revealed yet).

The various Bible Bee regional competitions will start in August, and the top 100 contestants in each of the three age divisions from across the country will be invited to compete at the National Bible Bee which will be held in Sevierville, Tennessee, in November.

As one of the main boosters of the National Bible Bee, AiG wants you to know that last year's senior division champion, Sophie Haire, was influenced by our Answers magazine and newsletter in her spiritual growth. Her brother Joseph also competed, and he won at the local level. In a time when the Bible is under attack in America as never before, we wanted to share with you that there are families using AiG resources for this and future generations.

(By the way, last year, over 6,000 young people participated in the regional competitions nationwide. What an amazing opportunity for families to grow together in Christ and become firmly grounded in God’s Word.)

The 2012 Bible Bee marked the third year Sophie has participated in the event. In preparation for the contest, she spent between two and eight hours per day throughout the summer and fall studying and memorizing the necessary passages of Scripture.

Sophie’s father shared with us that the “AiG ministry is enabling our children (the next generation) to stand on the Word of God. May God continue to richly bless AiG.”

Roger Patterson of our staff and his children have been actively involved in the Bible Bee. He told me that a deadline is nearing: “To participate in this year’s program, families need to be registered by May 31, so there is not a lot of time left. Our family will be participating for the fifth year, and every year we are blessed to be learning and growing together. Our kids are excited to receive the study kits and get started on the study the first week of June. As a father, it has really helped me to stay focused on discipling my family, especially during the summer when many seem to take a vacation from God.”

Roger will also be representing AiG and the Creation Museum with a booth at the nationals in November. I hope he will also be there to support one of his children, but if not, his whole family will be volunteering and involved in supporting all of the families there.

As the program for 2013 ramps up, we just mailed thousands of 2-for-1 discount coupons for the Creation Museum to the Bible Bee for distribution to the young people who will participate in this year's Bee.

More information about the Bible Bee can be found at


Roger Patterson with Mark McMahan of the National Bible Bee presenting awards to the winners of last year’s primary division.


Bible Bee families

Families gather for special events including dinners at the national contest.

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