The Science Quiz the Atheists Hate—Let’s Take it Ourselves!

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Recently, Blue Ridge Christian Academy in South Carolina came under some vicious attacks from many atheists for teaching biblical creation. Specifically, a quiz given to eight fourth-grade students of this private school, based on the teaching of one of our videos, Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel, was posted online and the atheist community got really upset about it and went into action.

Well, Answers in Genesis offered its support to the school in the midst of these attacks. We donated significant resources (books and DVDs) to the school’s library. I was even able to visit the academy on my way to speak at a conference. In fact, many people—including several AiG supporters—offered prayers, encouraging letters, and even donations to Blue Ridge Christian Academy. The school has been incredibly grateful for such support!

Today, I’ve written a follow-up article on the school. But I decided it was time to urge Christian families to take action in a particular way. As part of AiG’s theme for 2013–14 of “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,” I want to encourage you to read today’s lead article on our website and to take advantage of the special resources included. And I also ask you to think about taking the dinosaur quiz that has enraged so many atheists. Below are the introductory paragraphs from the article:

Families: Let’s Use the Recent Atheist Attack to Teach More Kids the Truth!

I’m encouraging families across the nation (homeschool families as well as other Christian families) to join us in taking what some atheists have meant for evil and instead using it for good. We want to get the truth of God’s Word to as many kids as possible (Genesis 50:20). The effort involves a quiz on dinosaurs (which uses AiG teachings based on God’s Word in Genesis) that has become an internet sensation.
I urge you to read the full web article and take the dinosaur quiz yourself.

Christian parents, we must capture the hearts and minds of our children before the secular world does. We can do that by teaching them the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

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